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40 Spins For $1

1st Deposit – 40 Bonus Spins (Min deposit $1) • 2nd Deposit – 100 Bonus Spins (Min deposit $5) • 3rd Deposit – 150% Match Bonus up to $200 (Min deposit $5) • New customers only • Wagering & Terms apply

Lucky Nugget Casino > Live Dealer


Venture into the Lucky Nugget saloon where you’ll be greeted by some of the best live casino games around, including online blackjack, baccarat and roulette tables – complete with dealers to show you your seat.


Lucky Nugget’s live casino online games variety includes all the tables you’d find at a bricks-and-mortar establishment.

  • Live Blackjack: Play live blackjack in real time with professional dealers and interactive features, as you aim to beat the dealer's hand without exceeding 21.

  • Live Roulette: Experience the thrill of the spinning wheel as you play live roulette, placing bets on where the ball will land, with live dealers guiding the action.

  • Live Baccarat: Dive into the elegance of baccarat, complete with real-time dealer interactions, betting on whether the player or banker will have the higher hand.

  • Live Poker: Engage in strategic gaming and thrilling competition with live casino dealers creating an authentic experience, aiming to assemble the best hand possible to win.


Ready to play live casino games, but not sure where to start? We suggest you try these popular live casino titles at Lucky Nugget.

  • On Air Live Blackjack

With the backing of a top-rated software provider, this live casino title lets you experience the thrill of live blackjack broadcasted in real-time, featuring engaging, professional dealers.

  • 9 Pots of Gold Streamicon

Dive into casino live play with this popular slot game adaptation, filled with vibrant visuals and bonus features, offering unique and immersive gameplay, all around.


With its unique blend of gameshow charm and boardgame thrills, along with the energy of a lively host , live casino MONOPOLY promises fun from the get-go.

  • Live Sports Blackjack

Combine the excitement of live sports with the thrill of blackjack in this dynamic and engaging gaming live casino experience, complete with real-time update and sports-themed elements.

  • Lightning Roulette

Feel the online casino live adrenaline rush in this fast-paced electrifying title, where multipliers strike randomly to boost payouts on selected numbers.


Beyond the thrill of live blackjack and the spin of live online roulette wheel , we also offer an array of other live casino games as diverse as the folks passing through our town. Here are some examples:

  • Dragon Tiger: We've added a twist to the mix, as in this baccarat game you can also bet on the Dragon or the Tiger. This intense face-off brings a whole new level of excitement to the game.
  • Snakes and Ladders: Get ready to climb the ladders and dodge those pesky snakes in this live casino game, where every roll of the dice is accompanied by a real dealer.
  • Crazy Coin Flip: Experience the thrilling suspense of this live casino game, where each flip could potentially double your winnings. It's as simple as a game of heads or tails.
  • Football Studio: Join us for this unique blend of card game and football commentary, and let the excitement sweep you off your feet.

Other titles include Funky Time, Mega Wheel and Dead or Alive Saloon, and you can play live casino online games from top studios like Evolution, Pragmatic Play and On Air™ Entertainment.


Mute/Unmute Live Lightning Roulette


There are ample reasons why you should play online casino live games with us:

  • Live Casino Games on the Go: You can enjoy the thrill of live casino action anytime, anywhere, with Lucky Nugget's mobile-friendly platform.
  • Safety and Security: Rest assured that our robust security measures and encryption protocols, ensure a safe and secure gaming environment to play live casino titles.
  • Responsible Gaming: You’ll benefit from the live casino’s commitment to promoting responsible gaming practices, offering tools and resources to help you stay in control.
  • Fun Croupiers: You’ll get to interact with friendly and entertaining croupiers who enhance the live casino experience with their engaging personalities and professional demeanor.
  • Welcome Bonus: While there might not be specific live casino deals on offer, a generous welcome package, daily offers, regular promotions and loyalty benefits, are greatly rewarding.


  • Active player: A participant currently engaged in the live casino game.
  • Advantage Play: A player who utilizes strategies to gain an edge against the house.
  • Ante: Initial wager required to start a card game.
  • Banker: Participant betting against other players, often rotating turns.
  • Bankroll: A player’s reserved funds allocated for gaming purposes.
  • Bets Closed/No More Bets: Betting phase has ended until the next round.
  • Card Cut: Dividing the deck into two parts, then stacking one half atop the other.
  • Croupier: Live casino dealer overseeing the game, from the French term.
  • Dealer: Individual responsible for card distribution during live casino games.
  • Down Card: Card dealt facing downward.
  • Face Down Card: Unrevealed card dealt facing downward.
  • Face Up Card: Revealed card dealt facing upward.
  • First Base: Position receiving the initial dealt cards.
  • High Roller: Player known for wagering substantial amounts.
  • Hole Card: Concealed card intended only for the player's view.
  • Pips: Symbols or dots representing suits or numbers on game pieces.
  • Side Bet: An additional wager that’s separate from the main bet.
  • Shoe: Device holding multiple card decks for automated dealing.
  • Third Base: Player position just before the dealer's turn.


What exactly are live casino games? Drop Down Arrow

Playing these games is just like being in a real, bustling saloon, but right from the comfort of your own home. You play with real dealers, in real time.

Is it safe to play live casino games online? Drop Down Arrow

As safe as a bank in a boomtown. We use top-notch security measures to ensure your information is as secure as a locked safe.

Can I interact with the dealer? Drop Down Arrow

Absolutely! You can chat with the dealer and other players, just like in a real saloon.

What if I have a problem while playing the games? Drop Down Arrow

Our customer support is on standby, ready to help quicker than a gunslinger's draw. Just reach out to us via live chat and we'll get things sorted out.

Can you explain how to play live casino games? Drop Down Arrow

To play live casino games, simply log into your Lucky Nugget account, navigate to the live casino section, choose your preferred game, and start playing against live dealers in real time.

What is a live dealer game? Drop Down Arrow

A live casino or live dealer game is a casino game, such as blackjack or roulette, where the action is facilitated by a real human dealer via live video stream.