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40 Spins For $1

1st Deposit – 40 Bonus Spins (Min deposit $1) • 2nd Deposit – 100 Bonus Spins (Min deposit $5) • 3rd Deposit – 150% Match Bonus up to $200 (Min deposit $5) • New customers only • Wagering & Terms apply



Established in 1998, Lucky Nugget is a virtual town exploding with fun, quirky and colourful characters. Since day one, it was endorsed and certified by eCOGRA and became fully licensed and regulated. That means you can enjoy your stay (and play) in a safe and secure environment.

Discover exceptional entertainment with a selection of high-quality games, each offering the opportunity for you to find potential nuggets of fun.

Registering a new account will give you access to everything Lucky Nugget has to offer – from top-class games to exciting promotions. These are, of course, just some of the attractions you can look forward to as there is always something new to explore.



Nestled in the virtual realm, Lucky Nugget is a thriving hub of entertainment and excitement, offering a unique experience for all those seeking the thrill of the casino. Let us take you on a journey through the captivating backstory of this extraordinary town.


Born in a small mining town in the heart of the West, Digger Dan grew up immersed in stories of the gold rush era, where prospectors ventured into uncharted territories in search of wealth and adventure. Driven by his dreams and determination, Digger Dan set out on a daring journey, leaving behind his humble beginnings in search of a place where he could build a community centred around the excitement and promise of gambling. Armed with his vast knowledge of mining, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering belief in his vision, Dan embarked on an adventure that would forever change his destiny.


The town's name, Lucky Nugget, was derived from the tales of gold miners who stumbled upon rare and valuable nuggets of gold by sheer luck. Digger Dan believed that the town should evoke the same sense of excitement amongst its player and so, in the year of 1998, Lucky Nugget was established. From classic table games like blackjack and poker to an array of cutting-edge slot machines, the casino caters to every taste and preference. The staff members are handpicked for their expertise and warm hospitality, ensuring that every visitor feels welcomed and valued.


Lucky Nugget's journey from an idea to a virtual reality has been nothing short of remarkable. It stands today as a testament to the power of innovation and the boundless possibilities of the digital realm. So, whether you seek a taste of adventure, a chance to test your luck, or simply a memorable experience, Lucky Nugget awaits with open arms, ready to transport you into a world of entertainment.


Since he was the founder of the town, Digger Dan is also known to his friends as Sir Lucky Nugget. He had a knack for finding gold and was known throughout the town for his extraordinary luck. One day, as he was prospecting near a river, he stumbled upon a hidden cave filled with shimmering gold. Little did he know that this cave was no ordinary gold mine. It was an enchanted treasure trove, untouched by time. Word spread quickly, and Lucky Nugget soon transformed into a wild west version of Las Vegas and the townsfolk revelled in the newfound glitz and glamour. Digger Dan enjoys the tables, and you’ll always him find playing poker, blackjack or roulette.

Queen of Hearts was a fearless and charismatic young woman who had a reputation for being a skilled outlaw. Many believed she had a heart of gold hidden beneath her tough exterior. She quickly became captivated by the glitz and glamour of Lucky Nugget, and her mischievous nature led her to embrace the atmosphere of the town and became one of the most popular slot players around.


Miss Dice was a stunning and sophisticated woman who arrived in Lucky Nugget shortly after word got out. She was known for her impeccable fashion sense and her prowess in the world of gambling. With her sharp wit and charming demeanour, Miss Dice quickly caught the attention of both the townsfolk and the high-rollers who frequented the casinos.

Peewee Moneybags wasn't always a banker. In fact, he was once a notorious gambler himself. Peewee utilized his gambling expertise to establish a fair and secure casino within Lucky Nugget, ensuring that every game was played by the rules. He became the town's trusted banker and implemented strict financial regulations, preventing excessive gambling and protecting the townsfolk from falling into the same pitfalls he once experienced.

Bluffing Brad was a notorious and cunning outlaw with a knack for deception. He was a master of disguise and manipulation, always staying one step ahead of the law. His presence in Lucky Nugget brought an air of danger and unpredictability to the town. But pretty soon Brad settled into the community, and today he’s an avid video poker fan.


From slots and video poker to table games and live casino options, Lucky Nugget has it all and then some. You don’t have to dig too deep to also find progressive slots, where some jackpots start at 2 million, plus Must Win Jackpot games with two separate progressive that must be won every day!

Digger Dan welcomes you to Lucky Nugget, and you can get started with Bonus Spins for as little as $1, and settle in with even more Bonus Spins and a Match Offer, for just $5 each.

And if you have a question, make your way over to our information centre where the friendly folks will assist you via live chat.

So come on in and settle down in a small town with big games.


A long time ago, explorer Digger Dan went looking for the ultimate adventure and found it in an old, forgotten mining town. Just like that, Lucky Nugget Online Casino was discovered.

Since then, folks from all over have been settling here and making the town their home – with huge attractions like the Jackpot Restaurant, Progressive Pub and more, rising up along the way.

New townsfolk are constantly joining in the fun and mining for lucky nuggets in the form of loyalty points – which take them up the various loyalty levels for potential rewards.

Are you ready to explore?