11 Years Ago History Is Written

11 years ago Ashley Revell from Kent. England, risked his life savings on one spin of the roulette wheel. To perform this amazing feat the 32 year-old (back then) sold everything he possessed from his car to all the clothing he owned. In total, Revell gambled £76,840 on one spin of the roulette wheel (around $160,000 AUD) and, with the gambling Gods smiling down upon him, managed to double his money by correctly guessing red. He took home a rather hefty £153,680, or $230,625 AUD.

A Feat Broadcast Live

Mr. Revell’s venture was extensively covered with Sky One (a popular British entertainment channel) dedicating a documentary to the feat while also broadcasting the actual spin live. Of course, tensions were high as Revell, his family, and various other onlookers waited to see what would become of the then young man from Kent.

Before proceedings took place, the pit boss stated the rules and made it clear they would never condone a man spending his whole life savings on one spin of the roulette wheel – who would? Revell seemed nonplussed by the whole situation; a braver man than many you would agree.

Mr Revell claimed he only decided at the last minute to select red – knowing full well what happened next could very well change his life.

When the ball landed on red, Mr. Revell punched the air with joy and the casino, with magnanimous generosity, provided Revell with a bottle of champagne and Revell was even treated to a standing ovation from the crowd. It seems that in defeat, the casino remained a good sport.

This was a definite roller coaster ride for the young gentleman and, after winning a life changing sum of money, had a few comments to make in hindsight.

“The Purest Form Of Gambling”

Revell, now transformed into a grand philosopher, dedicated his time in the limelight to profess the importance of not valuing money.

“The main thing I have learned from all this was that it wasn’t really about the money.”

Whilst somewhat easy to claim once you’re in the clear with $230K in your bank, there was a sense of sincerity from Revell, in that he actually believed the nonsense he was coming out with.

“It’s easy for me to say now I have won of course, but it is important my family and my friends were there to back me up – if they weren’t there I wouldn’t have risked everything.”

It seems that potentially, roulette made Mr Revell rather dizzy indeed.

Revell Not The Only One To Win Big

Chris Boyd, England

Another British bloke who wanted to get rich quick. Chris Boyd was working as a computer programmer at the time he threw $303,000 AUD on, akin to Revell, one spin of the roulette wheel

Probably catching on, Boyd struggled to find a casino who was willing to take his huge bet. After months of searching for a willing casino, Boyd found Binions’s Horseshoe Club, who agreed to relax their $100k max stake just the once.

Copying Revell’s amazing feat, he also placed all of his life savings on the colour red and won. Apparently, rumour goes, the ball landed in the same slot Revell’s ball – the red number 7. How spooky!

Mike Ashley, England

Already mega rich, Mike Ashley, billionaire businessman and owner of Newcastle United struck £480k (just shy of £1 million AUD) on every single potential bet that could be played on a game of roulette that involved the number 17 – AKA the complete bet.

This bet included – deep breath – a single straight up bet, four split bets, a street bet, four corner bets, two six line bets. In total, Mike Ashley placed 40 bets. Alongside this he placed multiple bets on black, odd, the first half, the middle column and middle dozen. When his bet came in he took a net profit of around £820K – or $1.7 million AUD. This, as you can see, is a crazy amount of money from one game of roulette. Small change though, for the mega-rich billionaire.

Joseph Jagger

Okay, so not necessarily legitimate, but Jagger was able to identify biased roulette wheels and placed his bets accordingly – clever bloke really.

Using his sleuthing skills – and, with a little help from the a few croupiers noting down common occurrences of numbers, he was able to identify that 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29 were appearing more often than not on one specific wheel. So, using his brains, he bet on these numbers consistently. In one week he won $375,000 USD – this was back in 1873, which is now worth $12 million AUD – easy enough to retire on.

So there you have it, the legend of Ashley Revell lives on. Relatively small pickings compared to the above legends, but when it comes to ballsy bets, Revell takes the prize. Have any amazing stories to tell, let luckynuggetcasino.com know in the comment section below.

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