It is safe to say that online casino games have improved massively over the last ten years, due in part to an increase of available technology. But have we managed to take full advantage of this quantum leap, and what’s to come in the future?

Playing quality games is easier than before, whether you’re playing online with Lucky Nugget Casino or on your smartphone, and the games just keep on improving. Here we will look at the factors that have made online casino games so good.


Undeniably one of the most crucial elements to a great online casino game is the graphics. Without crystal clear and crisp animations, most slot games would appear jerky and ultimately unplayable. Take Mircogaming for example – they have been a major player in casino development since 1994 and have frankly revolutionised gaming. To get a firm grasp of the leaps we’ve taken in graphical capability we only need to look at two of their popular slots – Immortal Romance and Dragonz.



Thunderstruck (first image) was released well back in 2004, while Dragonz (created by the very same developer) was introduced in 2016. The difference in graphics, which is instantly noticeable, is Dragonz’s smoother edges, intense 3D graphics and a vivid colour set. Not to say that Thunderstruck is abhorrent to the eyes, but admittedly, a better looking game. All in all, this makes a slot game generally more enjoyable.

Interface and mobile technology

While the appearance of a game is important, if a desktop based slot game doesn’t port well to tablet and mobile devices (especially important as mobile gamers are growing by the year) then it won’t bode well with gamers.

Over the years we’ve seen substantial increase in mobile technology, with Apple, Samsung and Sony throwing us leap years ahead and unlocking the true potential of our mobile devices. Phones have become even more powerful than we ever imagined, allowing slot developers the opportunity to utilise every aspect of a device.

Games can now easily adapt their aspect ratios to work around the majority of mobile devices fluidly – while before separate games would be required for various models and screens. Alongside this, mobiles will nowadays use either one of two GUIs (graphical user interface) – iOS or Android. Less GUIs means less time spent developing multiple versions of the same game. This adaptability has allowed slot designers to spend more time on the quality of the games they’re developing.

Gameplay – multiple bonus rounds and more

While the classic slot machine was a mere three reels and one payline and would take advantage of a single trail feature at most, modern slots are well-known for their insanely high payline count, multiple bonus rounds and million dollar jackpots.

Land-based casinos were able to introduce the modern video slot to their premises in the late 90s, early 2000s, but this wasn’t necessarily possible for online casinos, which came about around the same time.

Computers weren’t capable of producing the memory (or video RAM) required to run the games we knew today. It is only due to computer components becoming more powerful over the last decade we’ve been able to run games such as Dragonz and Tarzan – with their vast amount of bonus rounds and HD graphics – from the comfort of our homes. The only limiting factor for the quality of our online casino games is the internal workings of the devices we use, and as our devices develop, our slot and table games will also continue to do so.

The future – Virtual Reality

And so, looking to the future, it appears that virtual reality may well revolutionise the way we play online casino. Seen as a ‘disruption tech’, VR casino supporters posit that in a non-too distant future instead of playing with our fingertips, we’ll be walking, talking and gambling in virtual reality casinos via our VR headsets.

There have been a number of examples of how it will work so far, and it looks somewhat promising, but graphically it’s not all too impressive as of yet. Casino VR have demonstrated what the future could look like, but only time will tell on whether it’s the future.

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