Video poker has been around since the mid-1970s, and has been popular in casinos and other gambling venues across the world since the 1980s. This was when solid state processing units were combined with television-like monitors. The popularity of the machines grew as technology progressed. Video poker machines were less intimidating for recreational and casual players than real poker played at casino tables.

Here, we will take a closer look at some of the aspects of video poker, and how it has attracted so many players. If you’re intrigued and want to give it a go, simply find it from the selection of casino games on offer with Lucky Nugget Casino.


The format of video poker will be familiar to anyone who has played real poker, though, obviously, there are some variations. The game is played in a similar way to five-card draw. After the game has begun, the player will click or press the ‘draw’ button, and the computer will deal them five cards from a virtual hand.

The player can then discard any cards with which they are unhappy, with the computer drawing replacements. The player can discard all five cards if they are unhappy with the original hand, which is different to how standard poker played at the table works.

If the final hand matches any of the winning hands detailed on the game’s pay table, then the computer pays out to the player. The pay table will display how much is paid out for each winning hand too. The pay-outs are based on the rareness of the hand, and any other variations which the game designer has incorporated. Most pay tables start with a basic hand, such as two jacks, which pays even money. All types of hands are the same as in table poker – for example, straight, three of a kind or two pair.



As with real poker, a number of variations of the form exist on different machines. Some machines use Deuces Wild, which is where a 2 can function as a wild card.
In Jokers Wild, the joker serves as the wild card option. Various ‘bonus’ types of game may also offer an enhanced and modified pay out, where certain hands qualify for a bonus prize or bigger pay out. There are also ‘multi play’ games, where the initial hand is drawn from one virtual deck of cards, and each additional played hand is drawn from a different set of cards.

Advantages of Video Poker

One of the main advantages of playing video poker, rather than live poker at a table, is that is a more welcoming and less intimidating experience – especially for new players. This means that video poker is more accessible than table poker, where all kinds of additional tricks and tactics can come into play.

Minimum bets can also be lower, for both a video poker machine in a casino, and an online version. This is helpful to recreational players who do not want to wager too much money. The simple and uncomplicated nature of the game play is also welcoming to recreational players, who might get bogged down in the complexities of table poker.

Video poker – always popular


Video poker remains a popular activity in casinos, with the advent of online gaming giving it a new boost over the last decade or so. Less intimidating and arguably easier to play than real-life table poker, video poker allows players to develop their poker knowledge and win, with less of the pressure and tactical subtleties that can make playing table poker a testing experience.

Overall, video poker is a good way to boost familiarity with the game, develop strategies, and get used to how the game feels. You can stick with it, or develop confidence to take your game to the tables.

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