It’s 10 years since Apple revolutionised the smartphone industry with their very first iPhone, and to mark the significant anniversary they will be releasing their latest flagship phone, the iPhone 8. Speculation has persisted about what features and designs they could incorporate, but with the release date drawing ever closer, we’re beginning to get a better idea than ever before.

So, here we will detail what you can expect to see from the iPhone 8, and it looks great!

When will the iPhone 8 be on sale?

Firstly, we’re all wondering when it will finally be available to purchase. As we know with technology, there can always be a late hitch or something that prevents everything running on time. However, the latest news suggests the phone could be online and in stores by September 22 at the latest.

That has stemmed from reports that mobile operators have been told the date in preparation for what will be the biggest gadget launch of the year. As well as that, late September would fit in with the marketing approach that would see it be a big hit in time for the notoriously busy Christmas sales.

Either way, even if that date seems soon given there have been no official announcements, we shouldn’t have to wait too long now.

Whilst the iPhone 8 will be the big reveal from Apple, there are also said to be two further new releases to look forward to, they are; a 4.7inch iPhone 7s, a 5.5inch 7s Plus. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 is believed to be slightly bigger at 5.8 inches.

As for the new iPhone 7 releases, they will resemble the original iPhone 7, with slight tweaks that offer improvements. The iPhone 8 will offer significant differences to the previous model.

What are those differences?

Given the occasion for Apple, reports suggest the new iPhone 8 could have a major new design. That has led to reports of several new and exciting features, which we will list here.

All-glass design

A big overhaul would see a new all-glass design for the iPhone which would offer a very stylish and slick look. However, this isn’t necessarily a new thing for Apple, because the iPhone 4 and 4s both incorporated all-glass designs but that led to problems of them cracking easily when they were dropped.

Reassuringly, the company said to be behind producing the glass case have said they have few concerns over the phone smashing easily and expect it to easily pass their drop test.

Curved OLED display

There have been several prototypes of the iPhone 8 made, yet one is confirmed to feature a curved OLED display, much like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung had huge success with that model and the curved display was a key factor, so it’s easy to see why Apple would want to follow suit.
Reports have suggested that Samsung and Apple have agreed a $9bn deal that will see them shipping up to 92 million OLED panels to Apple this year.


No more home button!

Another big change could see the end of the traditional home button as we know it. This has been speculated before, however it seems a lot more likely that it will happen now. In its place will be a touch-sensitive digital button.

They are also expected to include a touch ID sensor although the fingerprint reader will have to be included on the back of the phone.


The camera is a pivotal aspect of any modern smartphone now given the amount of pictures and selfies we are taking. However, there shouldn’t be too much change from the iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 with the camera.

Apple unveiled its dual-lens technology in 2016, so it would be a major surprise if any significant changes were made just a year later.

Wireless charging

Android offered the first glimpse of wireless charging though some of their smartphones and although they didn’t charge the device as quickly as a wired charging method it was still a very popular feature.

Therefore, it was reported Apple had spent a lot of time recently working on cutting edge technology that would allow wireless charging. They looked to improve the speed and distance you could charge from as well.

Facial recognition

Another idea that was successful with Samsung was facial recognition. It allowed you to unlock your phone by simply looking at it. The iPhone 8 is said to include an infrared camera that will scan your face, even in the dark.

Once again, reports gathered pace after companies who are believed to be behind the technology began to mass produce what’s required by Apple.


The iPhone 7 was water-resistant up to one metre for 30 minutes. This gets it a rating which is known as IP67. The Apple Watch has the same rating.

Therefore, it’s highly likely this will be carried through to the iPhone 8, which should mean that when you inevitably drop it in the sink, bath or even the toilet, it will survive!

How much will all this cost?

As you would expect, it won’t be cheap, which has been the case with all the Apple products that have been released. Even the 5c which was launched as a budget phone cost just under £500.

Reports have suggested that the iPhone 8 could cost around $1,000 (£795) when it is first released. That will make it the most expensive smartphone that they have ever launched, but they can justify that with all the new features and designs that it will include.


Ultimately, there’s plenty to look forward to with the launch of the iPhone 8. Your smartphone now is much more than a phone. Whether you’re listening to music, playing on your Lucky Nugget Casino app or capturing funny selfies, they serve for many purposes. Apple have recognised that given the number of innovative and cool features that they are looking to include in the latest model, whilst it’s all combined with a stylish look. Even though it will cost, the iPhone 8 promises to be the best smartphone released yet, and thankfully it’s hitting the shops very soon!

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