Casinos can be overwhelming. With their flashing lights, enticing music and labyrinth-like design, they are built for one purpose only; to throw you off your guard and lull you into a false sense of security. Whatever strategy you go in with, whatever game plan you may have, after a few complimentary beverages, a nice meal, a few hours staring at some mind altering carpet and deco, you find yourself with a lot less cash than you started off with.

That’s why normal casinos are dangerous places. Unlike playing online, you’re stuck in a casino where escape is difficult. Whilst it’s easy to call it a night when playing online – simply exit the browser or software and close the lid – leaving a casino can be a tricky, especially after a few beers.  They win their money, by keeping you there, so it’s their number one objective.

There’s a plenty of casino tricks out there. Some are obvious like flashing lights to dazzle you and complimentary hotel rooms to butter you up. But there’s a few things that casinos do that don’t seem nefarious at first.

Here at, we don’t think that’s fair. We think you need to know the casino tricks they use to pull the wool over your eyes and rob you blind.

Here’s our top 2 casino tricks to watch out for when you head to Vegas!

1) What’s The Time?

You won’t be surprised to know that there’s often not one clock to be found in a casino. Nor are there any windows for that matter – they don’t want you to know that the outside world exits.

It’s all part of the absorption tactics they use to keep you inside. If you’re inside, regardless of the time or weather outside, you’re spending money. It’s not just about gambling as well. The majority of casinos now contain shopping malls, cinemas, arenas and restaurants. Everything and anything you need can be found inside the casino. They simply don’t want you to leave.

Not a table or slot machine in sight. It’s not all about gambling you know. It’s an ‘experience’.

If you’re a huge fan of regular casinos then you can still go, just once you’ve got your daily dose of roulette, blackjack or craps, head out for something to eat or visit a local attraction. Don’t spend all your time inside the casino – you’ll get overwhelmed by all the amazing ‘free’ things you can do. Remember, the longer you spend inside, the more likely you are to gamble.

2) It’s All In The Chips!

Remember when we talked about the loose wrist guy flicking his chips nonchalantly on to the table. Well, there’s a reason we’re so eager to part with our chips. It’s all psychological. Since we don’t handle chips through our day to day lives – we handle money – we don’t recognise the value of the chips.

Imagine players throwing $20 in physical cash rather than a single chip, they would soon recognise how much they’ve spent. By exchanging money for chips, it’s almost like they’ve purchased the chips as opposed to exchanging real cash. Only when they go to hand them in does it become real money again.

They might have cash values imprinted on them, but they don’t feel like cash.

The advantage of gambling online is that you know exactly how much you’re playing with. Your balance always follows you around – so you know when you’re up and you know when you’re down. Don’t forget the value of money when you’re playing at the casino because, while chips might seem like they’re worthless pieces of plastic in the real world, to the casino, they’re everything.

So there you have it, the two things you need to know the next time you head out to a casino. Stay safe and play online at, there’s no hidden traps – honestly!

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