Roulette is firmly established as one of the oldest and most appreciated casino games around. The thrill and tension that comes with each spin makes it a real hit with the players. Given the game’s popularity, there have been various strategies that have been recommended to players over the years, but do they actually work?

Here, we will be looking at one of the most popular systems: the Paroli system. We will outline how it works, the advantages and disadvantages and every other detail. And, if you think it’s the one for you, don’t forget to hit the wheel at Lucky Nugget Casino to put it to the test!

How does the Paroli system work?

Thankfully, the Paroli system is relatively easy to understand. However, there are two key rules to it before you start, which are the following:

– All bets must be placed on near even-money outcomes, such as red or black, odd or even etc.
– Pick a starting stake and that is fixed throughout your time at the tables, such as $10

That starting base stake is what you always begin with, and it’s important that it’s easily affordable for players. So, following on from the two key rules before you start, your first bet would be $10 on red.

Should your bet lose, you repeat the bet at your same stake, so $10 in the above example. That continues throughout, after every loss, and whether you lose once, five times or 10 times in a row, don’t change your initial stake.

However, when you win, the cycle can begin and you start to double up. When your base stake wins, you double up, and you do the same if you register a win after that. But you stop after three consecutive wins and go back to the start.

With $10 bets it would play out as such:

– $10 WIN
– $20 WIN
– $40 WIN
– Back to $10

Following with the rules above, should you lose at any stage, you go back to your base stake. Therefore, if the $20 bet lost, you revert back to $10. Alternatively, even if your third bet wins, you still go back to $10 for the fourth bet.

The reasoning is that landing more than three consecutive wins are unlikely and this way you can benefit from any short winning streaks. The theory is that a few streaks during a session will see you in profit over the time you play. It’s a fairly simple strategy to adopt!

Roulette table

What are the advantages?

We’ve already mentioned one of the advantages of the Paroli system, it’s simple! Other strategies out there can be very confusing and require a lot of thought and time to prepare. But, using the Paroli is easy.

However, the biggest advantage comes through the fact you are unlikely to record big losses. Firstly, because your base stake will have to be an affordable choice and so the losses shouldn’t impact you too much. Of course, a long losing streak is possible and that will lead to big losses, but on the whole, with the random nature of roulette, this is one of the safest strategies out there.

For instance, if you compare it to the Martingale, which is one of the most popular systems around, you can see the benefits.

Three consecutive losses in the Martingale, whereby you double your stake after each loss, looks like this:

$10 + $20 + $40 = $70.

In the Paroli, three losses would lead to a $30 deficit. And, if the losses continue in the Martingale, the cost becomes significantly greater.

What are the disadvantages?

However, it’s not a flawless system and one of the disadvantages is that you need the regular wins to land in order to make a profit. If you don’t manage to land three consecutive wins then you are unlikely to make a profit at all and, even if you do, it will still only be a small amount.

That’s because the game works on streaks and part of the thrill of roulette is that you don’t know what will happen, so while you can make money from consecutive wins, the same would apply if you didn’t use a system.


Is it worth it?

With that in mind, the Paroli system might not appeal; however, it does have its uses, particularly for novice players. The fact that you can’t land major losses providing you start with what you can afford means it gives you a good platform to learn the game and understand how it works.

Over the long term, it might not be the best plan. As we know, every spin is independent and anything can happen, so to put your hope of serious profit on three successful spins seems a bit risky.

Ultimately, the Paroli system has a use and can be beneficial to different players. It’s simple to use and has a clear formula that will ensure everyone understands how it works. Of course, it can’t guarantee a return, but nothing can at the roulette wheel, which is what makes it so exciting!

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