If you haven’t yet joined Lucky Nugget Casino, you really are missing out. Whether it’s the unpredictability of the slots, the thrill of the roulette wheel or the tension of blackjack, entertainment and excitement are guaranteed with us.

What’s more, when you sign up, there are two terrific promotions available to ensure we welcome you in style. Here we will give you the lowdown of what you can expect – and don’t worry, we have welcome offers to suit all players.

150% match up to $200 sign up

Firstly, we have an offer that is perfect for those on a smaller budget. That’s because you can get a 150% bonus on your first deposit with us, although it’s capped at $200. For instance, if you deposit $20, we will give you $30, ensuring you have $50 to play with. Likewise, if you want to deposit $100 we will give you $150, allowing you to start with $250. Remember, the bonus is capped, but you can still earn up to $200 from your first deposit.

As always, be sure to check the T&Cs which detail the wagering requirements on your bonus before you can withdraw. However, you’ll be pleased to know that playing on our impressive slot games will count as 100%. You’ll also be able to use our player bonus calculator which will determine how much your bonus will be once you’ve entered the number.

You can use your bonus on casino classics such as blackjack

100% match up to $1,000 sign up

Even though the first offer is impressive, we have an equally remarkable sign up that will certainly appeal to the high rollers out there. Quite simply, we will double your initial deposit up to $1,000. So, deposit $500, we’ll give you a further $500 – all the way up to one thousand dollars.

The wagering requirements are similar, although, as with all offers you should check the T&Cs before you sign up. And, the high roller bonus calculator should again simplify the offer, clearly showing you what your bonus will be before you sign up.

Pick your welcome offer and start playing!

Now it’s over to you because there has never been a better time to join Lucky Nugget Casino, so just pick the offer that suits you. If you’re a big spender seeking the large wins, the second offer is preferable. That’s because the high maximum provides plenty of freedom to players.

Whereas, the initial 150% allows more conservative players to start with a much bigger bankroll, even if your deposit is small. It’s a win-win for everyone! Once you’ve decided which one is for you then the fun can really begin.

Ultimately, the two offers are the perfect way to start life as a Lucky Nugget Casino player. The bonuses provide you with an additional bankroll, so you can focus on the games. From mega-jackpot slots, to casino classics, there’s so much to enjoy but make sure you start with a brilliant bonus.

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