It’s always exhilarating to see unexpected triumphs in sport. We all love it when the underdog wins – and sometimes, they have to defy very long odds to get there. Here are some of the unlikeliest sports bets that Lucky Nugget could find. Just think about how much you could have made from placing $10 on each outcome!

Leicester City win the Premier League in 2016

Leicester City winning the Premier League was one of the unlikeliest sports bets ever.

Even if you don’t follow soccer, you might have heard about Leicester City’s incredible achievement. They took the top prize in English football last year, winning the Premier League ahead of the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal. They even managed to be crowned as champions before the season had finished!

What’s more, Leicester City had only returned to the Premier League the season before and finished in 14th place. To put their achievement in perspective, they started the year as 5,000 to 1 outsiders – so a $10 stake would’ve retuned a cool $50,000! Several sports bookmakers said they’d never paid out at such long odds.

Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics

A movie has been made about Team US’s unlikely victory.

The 1980 Lake Placid, New York Winter Olympics had some memorable moments. Hanni Wenzel won the women’s giant slalom and slalom events, making Liechtenstein the smallest country to ever produce a gold medalist. Plus, Eric Helden became the first (and so far only) athlete to win five gold medals at one Winter Games. In another shock, the US ice hockey team beat the Soviet Union in a medal-round game on their way to clinch the gold.

The victory was a major upset, as the Soviet Union were the defending world champions. The odds offered at the time were 1,000 to 1. However, sports psychology and the home team’s strong performance in previous rounds arguably puts the true odds at just 17 to 1. That’s about the same as winning on neighbouring numbers in online roulette.

Chicago Cubs win World Series in 2016

Chicago Cubs hadn’t won the World Series in over a century.

The Chicago Cubs were always associated with their long droughts – up until last year. That’s because in 2016, the Cubs won both the National League Championship Series (after 71-years) and the 2016 World Series (ending a 108-year wait). Some fans had no doubt placed money on the Cubs to win every year for a long time, so for many it felt like their dedication and loyalty had paid off.

However, last season saw the Cubs take on many high-profile and successful players. And, although it was the first time they had reached the play-off stage since 2008, their odds of victory were reasonable. Most bookmakers had them priced at 4 or 5 to 1 to end their historic drought.

Buster Douglas beats Mike Tyson in 1990

Buster Douglas was a complete unknown when he knocked out Mike Tyson.

The Tokyo Dome in Japan was home to one of the biggest sporting upsets in history when Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson by knockout in 1990. The fearsome ‘baddest man on the planet’ was the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world and had been knocking out opponents for fun. His previous bout had lasted just 93 seconds. The fight was widely billed as “Tyson is Back!”, and it wasn’t expected to last long. So much so, some Las Vegas bookmakers refused to take bets.

But, they had got it wrong. Even though Douglas was knocked down in the eighth round, he got back up after a nine second count and knocked down Tyson in the 10th. Douglas was available as a 42 to 1 underdog, and putting $10 on him would have yielded a $420 return.

There have been so many great sporting moments over the years. Seeing outsiders beat the odds and win the unlikeliest sports bets is always an amazing feeling. You could recreate those moments of euphoria by playing at Lucky Nugget Casino. Nothing tops the excitement of beating the odds and securing that big win, whether it’s betting on sports or wagering on casino games.

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