It’s easy to see why playing on the slots excites most casino players. The bright lights, the quick pace and the unpredictability will always attract players. Whether you’re spinning $1 a time or $10, you get the same fun out of it.

However, another reason players are so enthralled by the slots is the prize money on offer. With certain games, your life can change from one spin of the slot, and that’s what happened to two lucky Canadian players in a record-breaking July month.

Lucky pair hit the jackpot

The first record-breaking win arrived on July 17 on the Crowns of Egypt game online. After a few spins, the player walked away with a $1m win, which was the largest ever win on the website.

Then, just one week later, a new payout record was set. Once again, the lucky player was having a spin on Crowns of Egypt when the jackpot was hit. This time, the payout was $1,222,069, comfortably beating the prize from the week before.

That meant that over $2.2m was paid out in July, just for those two wins! Unsurprisingly, wins of that magnitude are fairly rare but it goes to show that the hope of transforming your life from one spin still exists.

More big Canadian slot winners

Over the years there have been many more impressive slot wins, with some prizes that dwarf the latest two winners. Here we will bring you some more of Canada’s biggest slot winners.

Toronto man lands $4.7m win

Back in 2008, a Toronto man scooped a huge $4.7m win from a slot machine at Woodbine Racetrack Casino. He was playing the one dollar Megabucks game when the bells and alarms went off to signal the jackpot had been hit.

The game was a progressive slot, with the pot starting at $1m, but it had grown to just under $5m when the local player won. After his victory, the man decided to remain anonymous, but left the venue with his life-changing cheque.


Biggest slot win in Alberta history pays $2.5m

For a happy couple, the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary will always hold fond memories. That’s because they walked away with $2.5m thanks to the Diamond Millions slot game. It’s a progressive pot that starts at a million and grows until a winner lands the jackpot.

A previous winner in 2012 had landed a cool $1.28m from the same game in Edmonton, but the payout in Alberta was almost double that. The $2.5m that the couple won was the single biggest win of its kind in the region.

Lucky woman scoops $33k by accident

This may not be anywhere near the biggest sum ever won at the slots, but you could argue the $33,858 that Canadian woman Shirley Lima won is the luckiest. The grandmother visited the OLG Casino Thousand for Seniors Day and was playing the penny machines.

After a few wins, she moved up to five-cent bets. Then, after reaching to grab her Pepsi, Lima inadvertently knocked the ‘max bet’ button which saw a hefty $11.25 spin. That spin triggered the free spins which brought many more bonuses and in the end, she ended up with her cool windfall – by accident!

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