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‘Republicans must join together to make sure he wins’

After much speculation it has now been confirmed that Donald Trump has received significant endorsement from the billionaire casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson. The casino magnate has endorsed Trump in the bid for the White House and to be the next President of the United States. Adelson, in what appears to be a strange move, has endorsed Trump, even though he’s caused a lot of controversy throughout the media in his race for the White House. Sheldon also said that ‘…the alternative to Trump being sworn in as the nation’s 45th president is frightening.’

Causing Controversy!

Mr Adelson serves as a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and is a serious GOP donor. He reportedly gave $120 million to the republican party during the 2012 race for the presidency. His endorsement however could mitigate as there is doubt about Trump among the Jewish republican voters. Six months ago Trump said he might stay neutral in the ongoing fight between Israel and Palestine, which led to the Jewish voters having doubts about him. If Trump really wants to win he needs to think about people voting for him in his party than just himself. The bid for White House is not just about personal opinion, it’s about the party as a whole. So, until he has the party on his side he isn’t going to have all voters that he could have.

‘The country needs strong executive leadership today than at almost any point in its history’

By February, Adelson was warming to Trump and praising him as a CEO and entrepreneur. The two have now become closer and this resulted in Sheldon giving him an endorsement, although it is not known how much he has given yet. He stated the reason he is backing Trump is because ‘…the country needs strong executive leadership today than at almost any point in its history.’ There is definitely no doubt that his heart and soul is in for Trump winning presidency.

What Happens Next?

Overall it seems Trump is getting more people on his bandwagon, but there is still plenty of the population that think his proposals are absurd. Who knows what’s going to happen next in the ever-growing drama of the race for the White House.

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