Over the years, many casino myths have been passed on from player to player. Is it down to players losing and are convinced it’s more than just bad luck? Or do they just genuinely believe these myths are real? Whatever the reason, there are plenty that have done the rounds and here the team at Lucky Nugget Casino will run down our favourite 10 casino myths.

“I’m due a win!”

This phrase is common among players, unfortunately it’s usually players who have lost! If you ever hear yourself uttering that phrase it may be best to step away from the tables. That’s because you’re never ‘due’ a win. Whether you’re taking on the dealer or spinning the roulette wheel, the casino is unpredictable and that’s part of the appeal. Anything could happen.

Casino floors are pumped with oxygen to keep you awake


This myth stems from the idea that if you are feeling fresh and awake, you’ll spend more time at the tables, which is exactly what the casino want. That’s logical, except the idea that casinos pump oxygen into the building is untrue. Not only would it be illegal but it would cost them plenty of money to fill the floors with pure oxygen.

Machines are due a payout

Machines are never due to payout, it’s completely random. They are all programmed with advanced technology and software, meaning payouts are triggered when combinations are hit. That could be every few hours, it could be within a few minutes.

The games are fixed

This is another accusation levelled at casinos, including online, but it’s obviously untrue. All reputable casinos will have the games independently checked, have top of the range security and are completely safe. This allows you to play with complete freedom, and if you lose, it’s just bad luck!

Card counting is illegal


We recently revealed the man who was behind card counting, but it’s not illegal. Casinos can remove players because you are playing with an advantage, but you won’t have to spend a night in the cells as punishment!

Highest paying slots are near the aisle

Another myth is that the highest paying slots are near the aisle. The idea behind it was that passers by would see people celebrating their win and that would entice those into the casino.

However, as we’ve mentioned, the machines are operated so wins are random. Next time you see someone landing a win by the aisle, it really is just coincidence.

Slots payout big when a casino opens

Following on from that, many believe slots will pay out big when a casino is newly opened. Obviously, word would spread about a players big win and it would encourage new players. Once again it’s false, the machines pay out randomly.

It’s bad luck to bet against other players

Certain casino games present you with the opportunity to bet against fellow players, however, some will have you believe that it’s bad luck. It’s not. If you feel it’s the best option for you to win, then do it, it’s quite simple!

Bad players ruin your hand


During some card games, such as blackjack, you’re reliant on the cards. And, if a player takes an unnecessary ‘hit’ and takes the card you want, it’s frustrating. However, it’s all luck, who’s to say the next card wouldn’t be better? It can work both ways, so it’s best to play your own game and hope you get the card you need.

Speculate to accumulate

Of course, if you have a bigger bankroll, you’re more likely to land bigger immediate wins. Yet, the beauty of the casino is that you can build your way up. The games are always accessible and clever strategies and sharp thinking can go a long way. Don’t be reckless and use your head.

That concludes the 10 casino myths that are still going strong today. If you want a taste of the casino action, then visit our fantastic range of games, just remember not to believe everything you hear if the luck is against you!

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