If you’re planning on throwing your own blackjack party, it might be best to check local laws before doing so — especially if you’re playing for real cash. Once you’ve checked all relevant legislature and you’re confident all is well, go ahead and follow our guide to hosting your own blackjack party.

1. Potentially hire your own dealer


If you’re not familiar with blackjack (you’ll need to get some practice playing blackjack online before kicking off the party), then it might be best to hire a few professionals. You’ve got a number of options here — consult a professional party planner, go straight to a party rental store or even hire a dealer’s outfit for one of your fellow blackjack pros; if they know the game well, they’ll do a great job. If you go ahead and hire professionals straight from the bat, they’ll bring everything you need — this includes chips, the cards and most importantly, those pricey blackjack tables. Your hired professional will also work out any winnings throughout the night and so there won’t be any arguments when it comes to cashing out — which can be a little awkward between friends.

Overall, if you’re looking to have a little fun, it might be best to hire a dealer. At least then you’ll be able to kick back and relax yourself.

2. Not hiring a dealer? Plan it yourself!


If you’ve decided to go it alone, you’re going to have to grab all the equipment yourself. Make sure you have a hearty budget as this could get a little expensive.

See below for a list of everything that needs hiring for your blackjack party:

  • As many blackjack tables as you need (we recommend one table per six players)
  • Four decks of cards for each table you’re hiring
  • Chips in denominations of $10, up to $100
  • A few beers, although you could ask people to bring their own
  • Some funky tunes

In terms of positioning, you don’t want the tables to be cramped together. You need to give your players the opportunity to breathe! If you’ve got a small living room, maybe you could choose a nice day and throw your blackjack party in the garden — just make sure it’s not forecast to rain.

Once you’re all set-up, it’s time to plan out the buffet!

Great blackjack parties always have great food!


So, everybody is around and they’re well into a game of blackjack, but unfortunately they’re starting to get a bit peckish. Oh wait, you’ve got a cracking buffet prepared, sorted. Just make sure it’s not greasy because you’ll end up with slimy cards, and that’s no good!

Check out these amazing buffet options:

  • Cocktail Sausages
  • Cheese & Nibbles
  • Sandwiches
  • Profiteroles
  • Sausage Rolls (non-greasy)
  • Melon Medley
  • Volovants
  • Mini Prawn Cocktails

Grab your shopping bags and head down the local supermarket and get your buffet sorted. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look as glamorous as the picture above.

Sort the music out!


Finally, to complete the perfect bingo experience you need the right tunes. We’ve already compiled a list of block rocking beats, so check them out here! Honestly, if you want to get the house pumping which rowdy gamblers, stick on some AC/DC. If you want a measured sense of decorum, turn up the Liberace.

So, there you go! Everything you need to know to get your blackjack party on its way. Maybe get some practice in at the casino before hand. Good luck and we hope it’s a good one!

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