David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, Muhammad Ali, Prince, David Guest and now Anton Yelchin taken from us at the prime age of 27. 2016 has been a cruel year indeed.

The guys at Lucky Nugget Casino remember the famous people who have sadly left us and take a look at their lasting memories, lives and careers.

Anton Yelchin









Yelchin passed away this June following a freak car accident at the young age of 27. The Russian-born rising star who had featured in hit-movie Star Trek was found by close friends on June 19 at his home in San Francisco. His death came just a month before the release of the third film in the Star Trek series – Star Trek Beyond.

Terminator: Salvation, Alpha Dog and Fright Night were just a few of the notable films he had starred in during his shining acting career.

Muhammad Ali


Former heavyweight champion of the world, Muhammad Ali, left us this year at the age of 74. Having suffered with Parkinson’s disease, the champ passed away after being rushed to hospital with respiratory problems.

Notorious for his outlandish behaviour on screen, it was his kind-hearted nature off screen that turned Ali into the boxing superstar we know today. His care and devotion to the people of Louisville throughout his life captured the hearts and respect of millions. A tough man with a big heart, he’ll be remembered for years to come.



Megastar Prince passed away at the young age of 57 in April this year at his Minneapolis recording studio. Out of the blue, it was a shock death in a long line of other celebrity deaths.

He will be forever remembered as the unmovable force – his image, his identity and his music never suffered from outside influence. Responsible for creating blockbuster hits Purple Rain, 1999 and Little Red Corvette, his music lives on through us all.

Victoria Wood


One of Britain’s most popular female comedians, Victoria Wood passed away surrounded by her family in April this year. She was renowned for her satirical look on the world, setting the precedent for Britain’s dry wit.

Before passing away, the 62-year old remarked on life in only a way she could: ‘Life’s not fair, is it? Some of us drink champagne in the fast lane, and some of us eat our sandwiches by the loose chippings on the A597.’

A truly unique talent indeed.

David Guest


62-year-old music producer David Guest was found dead in a London hotel this April. Tributes from fans, friends and family from across the world have been pouring in ever since.

Imad Handi, a close friend, remarked that ‘David was truly larger than life. He was not just a huge talent and a dear friend, but a showbiz icon.’

Paul Daniels


Internationally acclaimed magician Paul Daniels, who achieved worldwide fame through his BBC series The Paul Daniels Magic Show, lost his battle against a brain tumour at the age 78.

Leaving behind wife Debbie McGee, his loss was a true hit to Britain and the rest of the world.

Sir Terry Wogan


Known around the world as one of the happiest Irish men on TV, Sir Terry Wogan passed away this January after a battle with cancer.

His family passed a statement shortly after the sad news was released: ‘He passed away surrounded by his family. While we understand he will be missed by many, the family ask their privacy to be respected.’

A true gent, will be forever missed.

Alan Rickman


Alan Rickman’s death sent shockwaves throughout the world after his battle of cancer was lost at the beginning of January, passing away at the undue age of 69.

The star  rose to fame in roles such as Love Actually and Pride and Prejudice, and was well-received in his role of Harry Potter villain Severus Snape.

Quintessentially British, Alan Rickman will be remembered for decades to come.

David Bowie


Essentially kicking off a dismal 2016, Davie Bowie passed away at 69-years-old, just three days after realising his 25th studio album.

The shock was Bowie had been keeping his 18-month battle with cancer a secret, with close friends not aware of Bowie’s state of health. In the end, the world was shattered after losing such a major pop star.

Well-known for his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, Bowie left the world forever engraved in the minds of young and old.







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