Blackjack isn’t a complex game!

Blackjack on the surface looks like a complicated game. With so many potential hands and style of play it is bound to get confusing after a while. Well, here at Lucky Nugget Casino we’d like to give you a hand with your blackjack play.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most misplayed hands in blackjack, and you’ll be just as shocked – or, maybe not – to know that there’s actually quite a few!

Standing on a soft 18 against a dealer’s 9

Standing on a soft 18 (Ace + 7) against a dealers 9 is a tricky affair, but doing so will result in a net loss in the long-run. That most players should simply stand instead of risking busting, or ending up with a worse hand. Standing on a soft 18 against a dealer’s 9 will result in 8 wins out of twenty. Hitting in this position will result in 9 wins out of twenty, and as such winning one more time – so do it! Don’t fear the dealer.

A pair of 8s vs 10

This hand is potentially one of the worst played poker hands of all time. Players are often put off by the fact the dealer has a 10, which is absolute idiocy. 8,8 is one of the strongest hands in the book and should be split nearly every single time, and as 16 vs 10 is the worst match up possible – winning 23% of the time – splitting is the best option as hitting on a 16 is far too risky. The chance of winning a hand when you start with an 8 is thirty eight percent, so this meteoric rise in chance more than justifies splitting.

12 vs 3

The general consensus, and one that should be taken more often than not is when a player has a 12 (a stiff hand) and the dealer has a 3 you should hit. The slight chance of busting doesn’t justify taking the chance when the dealer is much more likelier to bust is foolish. But, in this instance, you should hit. There are four cards that will bust you, and five cards that will put you in the safe range, so the odds are that you’ll land a safer card more than not. The dealer has much less chance of busting with a three than they have with a four or a five, so, for that reason, hit when the dealer has a three and stand when they have a four or five.

16 vs 10

This is probably one of the worst hands to be dealt with and if you have the option to surrender then take it. This is assuming you’re not holding a pair of eights. In that’s the case then see the above! No, surrendering allows you to scrape back half of your stake, with is the best move you can possibly make in this instance. Not surrendering means your chances of losing is well into 50%.
If the casino doesn’t offer you the chance to surrender then just hit, as this puts you in a better position than just standing.

So, yeah, those are four hands that are commonly misplayed. Stop misplaying them and play them properly and you’ll win far more than you normally do. Why not give your new found skills a test by playing a little blackjack yourself?

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