Finally, summer! Sure, it’s great playing online, but what about the joys of the real world! We take a look at some of the most beautiful casinos worldwide!

Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, 16,946 km from Australia

This casino is based in Atlantic City and is the 10th largest casino in the world. On its gaming floor it has 4,100 gaming machines and 285 card and table games. The hotel also includes 17 bars and 2,002 hotel rooms. The hotel has several fine dining restaurants including the Bobby Flay Steak, Fornelletto, Izakaya and Wolfgang Puck American Grille. If you’re a heat-seeker, as well as a a thrill-seeker, then you’ll be glad to know that the hottest day of the year is July 25th, with highs of 30 degrees and lows of 20! If you’re a music lover, then this is a perfect destination for you, as the hotel accommodates many famous celebrities, including Bob Dylan, who will be playing in July.

Casino Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 6,234 km to Australia

This 165,000 square foot casino is the 9th largest in the world. There are 1,000 gaming machines and 26 card and table games. The hotel also has seven bars and 1000 hotel rooms for you to enjoy. It may not have the most rooms or most games, but it’s still one of the largest. To get the most of the beautiful sunshine make sure you go in August, when temperatures rise to 20 and the lowest at 17. The hotel has one restaurant which is the Hua Ta Li, a Chinese traditional restaurant located on the second floor. Also, head on down to their auditorium and bar for live music and entertainment. We are sure you will recognise some of the many famous artists playing!

MGM Grand Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, 13,443 km from Australia

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is the 8th largest casino in the world. Its gaming floor is 170,000 square feet, hosting 2,300 gaming machines and 178 card and table games, from blackjack to roulette, for you to enjoy. The hotel includes 20 bars and 5,044 rooms for you to choose to stay in. The hotel also has 28 restaurants to choose from, they include fast food restaurants and high class gourmet restaurants.

Why not try and visit everyone on your journey? Soak up the sun in Vegas in July with highs of 41 and the lows of 23. If you are after entertainment, then the MGM is the right place for you, hosting the likes of Cirque de Soleil.

Sands Macao, Macao, China, 5,709 km from Australia

The Sands Macao is the 7th largest casino in the whole world. The gaming floor is 229,000 square feet and features 750 gaming machines and 1,000 card and table games for you to enjoy.

The hotel has seven bars for you to wine and dine at. With only 51 rooms, So you better book in advance if you want one of those much wanted rooms. It’s best to visit in July when the weather is at its peak with the highest being 32 and the lowest being 26.

The sands have eight restaurants to choose from including McDonalds and KFC, it also offers a whole range of fine dining options and a buffet. With all that sun and heat you will need to fill up to last the day. If you can’t find anything to do around town why not head to their theatre and lounge and see the entertainment acts. The acts including stunts from acrobats and musicians and their band for the hotel.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, South Africa, 10,287 km from Australia

The next resort on our list is the Tusk Rio Casino Resort in south Africa. This casino is the 5th largest in the whole world with the gaming floor being a massive 266,330 square foot. The floor includes 257 gaming machines and 12 card and table games. The resort however only has two bars.

The Tusk Rio has three restaurants to choose from including the Moo Bar where everything is completely cow themed. Also, head to the Escapades Theatre to see cabaret, comedy, music and much more. They host some of the biggest stars in South Africa.

The Venetian Macao, Macao, China, 5,709 km from Australia

The largest casino on our list and the largest in the world is The Venetian in Macao. The game floor is a massive 546,000 square foot and includes 3,00 gaming machines and 870 card and table games for you to splash your cash on. To add to this already amazing resort, there are 24 bars and 3,000 hotel rooms for you to stay in.

Why not enjoy the largest casino in the world in July? The weather is at its peak with temperatures soaring to 32 degrees!

It’s no surprise that the largest casino includes 33 restaurants. They include fast food restaurants and cuisine from several places including Japan and Western food. Why not get some entertainment, head to their entertainment venues and see the best entertainment around?

Currently on show is Shrek: The Musical and Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy. In the past they’ve had huge stars visit including David Beckham, The Rolling Stones and Alicia Keys.

So, have you been to any of these casinos? Which one are you planning to visit first? Let us know by dropping a comment down below. Make sure to at least visit one this summer and put the rest on your bucket list. We can’t decide which one to visit first the choice is incredible, but we will visit one-when we finally choose.


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