If you need a little bit of showbiz in your life, then Rabbit in the Hat is here to deliver. This exciting slot from Microgaming combines their signature great graphics with a fun twist on the classic slot machine. It’s easy to play Rabbit in the Hat at Lucky Nugget Casino, where our enchanting games are always ready and waiting.

Take to the stage with this slot

Rabbit in the Hat looks like a fairly classic slot machine at first glance. There are five reels, each of which display three symbols, giving a total of 15 different positions. With just nine paylines, the slot doesn’t get too expensive to play while still offering the chance to win fantastic prizes.

The art on this slot is the first thing that makes it stand out. Even the generic symbols have a bit of pizazz to them, while the artwork on the symbols adds to the stage aesthetic. There’s a target board riddled with swords, a padlocked box filled with water, and a mysterious locked chest. The magician, his beautiful assistant, and the helpful rabbit also make appearances on the reels – and matching any series of symbols on a payline triggers quirky animations.

In regards to payouts, the largest available in the base game comes from matching five wild symbols, which are fancy top hats holding up the word “wild”. Matching five of these on any payline yields 5000x times your bet. So if you’re playing at one coin per line, you’ll bag a whopping 5,000 coin prize – all the way up to betting 10 coins per line, and landing a jackpot of a cool 50,000 coins.

Find the magician’s hats for brilliant bonuses

Rabbit in the Hat’s main attraction comes from its unique system of bonuses. Rather than trying to match wilds or trigger scatter prizes, rewards come in the form of hats. The magician conjures these hats randomly in the base game (though they tend to appear fairly frequently), and they sit at the top of the reels.

The hats start at the right of the reels – where the magician is waiting – and trigger if you match a wild symbol on their reel. Whenever that doesn’t happen, they move a reel to the left. If they make it to the last reel without being used, then they’ll disappear.

There are four different types of hat on offer. The cash hat gives you a random prize. The wild reel hat turns the reel it matches wild for that resolution phase, but could potentially expand to take over up to three reels. And matching the free spins hat with a wild symbol is how you unlock the free spins round. You’ll get 10 free spins, which you can increase up to 50 if you keep winning. The final hat on offer is the mystery hat, which randomly acts one of the other hats.

If you’ve got a soft spot for stage magic, cute rabbits or slots just a little different from the usual, then Rabbit in the Hat is a game you’ll love. Play online at Lucky Nugget today, and see if you can pull the top prize out of the hat!

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