Whether you’re looking for Elvis to walk you down the aisle, trying to get married in a heartbeat, or just going for something a little different, check out Lucky Nugget’s guide to tying the knot in Sin City!

Step 1: Get your paperwork together

Stack of files


Although it’s all in the heat of the moment, you’ll still need to get organised. You can’t just jet over to Vegas, book a priest and say ‘I do’.

If you’re under 18 – which we don’t advocate you getting married whatsoever – you’ll have to bring along your parents to the Licensing Bureau. However, if your parents can’t make it, you can provide a notarised document with permission to get hitched.

You’ll also need some identification. For example, a driver’s license. If you don’t have one of those, you’ll need a certified copy of your birth certificate, or if you’ve been hitched previously, a divorcee decree.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your documentation!

Step 2: Apply for a marriage license

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Make sure you’ve been saving up – the fee for a marriage license is $55. Alright, it’s not ‘mega money’, but you know, make sure you’ve got a bit of spare cash.

You must apply for a license at 200 s. 3rd Street – nowhere else will accept your application! Make sure you bring all your paperwork and identification, otherwise you won’t be getting married. It’s open from 8am to midnight though and there’s no waiting period,  so will be issued immediately.

Better than waiting months at your local magistrates!

Step 3: Choose how you’re going to dress


Whether you want to get married on a pirate ship at Treasure Island, at the Graceland Wedding Chapel or as a gangster at the mob museum, there’s a whole variety of wacky places to get married. First and foremost though, sort out what you’re going to wear.

There’s no use in donning traditional bridal ware if you’re getting married on a pirate boat. You’ll find plenty of great websites jam-packed full of perfect fancy dress costumes for your wedding — just make sure you look the part!

Furthermore, make sure your guests – if you’ve got any – all fit in with the theme. Your wedding photos might get look a little odd if you’re dressed as a pirate and everyone else isn’t. Of course, if you’re planning a secret wedding this doesn’t matter. It just adds to the experience if everyone looks the part — which is very important.

Step 4: Find the perfect wedding chapel


Okay, we’ve talked in brief about the chapels on offer, but don’t go for the first one you stumble upon. There’s a whole range of quirky and amazing places you can get married – you just need to find the perfect venue.

You could get married at either one of these zany venues:

  • Treasure Island
  • Graceland Wedding Chapel
  • The Gun Store
  • Kiss Monster Mini Golf
  • Tryst Night Club
  • The Mob Museum
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Denny’s
  • In a gondola at The Venetian
  • Or, at the Neon Museum

Imagine that! Getting married within the Grand Canyon. Not at the side, not above, but below, deep into the crevice. Don’t get lost though, we hear it’s pretty deep!

There’s even the potential to get married at Denny’s – your local fast food chain. ‘Marriage with a side of fries, please,’ is one of many possible – and hilarious – questions you can ask.

If you’re a crazy golf fan, you can get married at the Kiss Monster Mini Golf club. Not only will they chuck in around of golf, but your wedding comes with fog machines and neon lights – just like a real Kiss concert. Radical dude!

So, there you go, one of many places you could get married in Las Vegas! There’s loads more, so do your research!

Step 5: Make sure you’re patient

Long queue of people in street, side view

If you’re looking to get married on a popular seasonal holiday – Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day for example  – then be prepared to queue. Of course, while you’re stood there wasting your lives away, maybe ask a few important questions:

  • Do we really want to get married?
  • Is he/she the right one for you?
  • Is this really a good idea?
  • Did you really expect to meet the love of your life while playing blackjack at the Bellagio?
  • Did we want a civil or religious ceremony?

The last question is crucial for the outcome of your marriage. Do you want you to be married under God, as part of a holy communion, or do you want to be married simply by law? Chapels offer both, so it’s completely up to you!

Step 6: Sort your music out (and bring a witness)

Boys and girls singing wedding songs

Of course, before you decide which block-rocking beat you’d like to walk down the aisle to, you need to organise a witness.

If you must, bring your best friend who you trust to keep a secret. Otherwise, they’re probably going to blabber to your parents, and you don’t want that. Either way, if you can’t find a witness, they’ll appoint one for you. At least you don’t have to drag your favourite grandma down now, although I’m sure she’d have been pleased to get out of the house.

Once you’ve got your witness sorted – or not, if that’s the case – you’ll have to arrange the music you’re going to walk down the aisle to. Of course, you’ll have to bring along your own CD, or mp3 player, as they might not have your song of choice. If you’re lucky, they might have an in-house piano player, but be warned, they’ll only play the classics — no Gangham Style!

If you’re looking for pictures to remind you of your super special day,  organise a photographer yourself. They might provide one though, but check how much as they’re often overpriced.

So, there you go, everything you need to know about getting hitched in Vegas. Follow these steps and you’ll be married in no time! Maybe grab some practice in at the casino before you splash your cash at the Bellagio as part of your honeymoon – or maybe you’ll just go to McDonalds, up to you.



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