Over the last few months there has been a lot of change with the gambling rules in Germany. The team at Lucky Nugget Casino brought you the latest when a new gambling treaty was approved by the German states. However, whilst that was approved it still hadn’t officially passed and there is some confusion about what will actually happen.

Although, it seems whichever changes do come into play, the players will benefit. And, the CEO of GVC, Kenny Alexander has also expressed his confidence that legal online poker will soon be introduced into Germany.

Will regulated online poker arrive soon?

Alexander’s belief that poker will soon be coming to Germany actually stems from the fact that the recent amendments to the treaty are not sufficient. Therefore, if the laws don’t comply with the European Union treaties it means they are illegal, which means that German courts cannot enforce them and operators don’t have to abide by them.

He revealed that this situation is likely to require a replacement to the treaty which will result in licensed online poker included. Alexander recently told investors; “I’ve never been more confident about the future of the regulatory environment in Germany. The German federal states have announced that they are evaluating the regulation of online casino and poker.”

New treaty changes are not enough

Another figure who has expressed concern at the new proposed treaty is Deutsche Sportwettenverband President Mathias Dahms. He revealed: “The minor changes to the Treaty is a small step in the right direction, but it is not enough. If the majority of consumers continue to gamble via black market sites the goals of addiction prevention, youth and consumer protection will not be achieved. The restrictive regulations for sports betting are based on an out-of-date monopoly system and are not yet suitable to create an attractive, regulated market.”


Such concerns seem valid, with players still finding a way to enjoy the excitement and entertainment that poker provides through other means as the laws are not currently enforced.

With more and more people calling for a review of the regulations, players should be hopeful that the law will soon become clear. There are similar issues surrounding the licensing towards sports betting operators, with more licenses called for.

All in all, the mess surrounding the treaty is yet to be cleared up and it could take many months until it’s fully resolved. Either way, in the meantime you can enjoy the fun of all your favourite casino games with us!

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