Whether you’re playing in Canada, Britain or Zimbabwe, Blackjack is played in pretty much the same way across the world. The problem with this game is not that it’s difficult to play, or that the odds are ridiculously against the player. The problem is that players can’t stick to their blackjack strategy.

In the heat of the game, the intensity can become too much and we start to think in the short-term and about getting out as quickly as possible. Players bet too much to get quick returns and end up losing all their money within a matter hours. This is exactly how the casino would like you to act. Instead of thinking in the short term you should think about long-term strategy to increase potential profits.

It comes down to you, the player, to make sure you keep a level head when going head to head with the battle hardened dealers from the casino circuit. We’ve decided to put together some of the best ways to keep a clear head whilst playing blackjack at Lucky Nugget Casino.

Stick to your strategy no matter what

Your strategy – whether it’s a guide that’s been developed by professionals or something you’ve developed on your own – will be put to the test in the casino. When things go well, they’ll go really well. But sometimes, when luck is definitely not on your side, your strategy will start to feel like a one-way ticket to failure. One man who knows exactly what we’re talking about is Jeff Ma. With a film – “21” and a book – “Bringing Down the House”, the two run the same story; Jeff Ma and a group of guys from MIT learn how to card count. They earn a load of money doing so. It’s based on a real life story. They took their skills to the casino, but even with the perfect strategy, Jeff ended up $50K down the hole after a few short hours. If he had just given up then, or bet $50K straight up to recoup his winnings, he might have lost a lot more. If Jeff Ma can turn around a $50K deficit into $70K worth of profit in one day, then so can you.

Ultimately, it’s down to you as a player to keep a clear mind to play your game as well as you can. Remember, we always keep the Lucky Nugget blog updated with guides and the latest news. Make sure you check it out!

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