Las Vegas has become a mecca for casino gamers worldwide. For some it’ll bring you all the joy in the world
— for others though, it won’t be so kind. It’s called Sin City for a reason and so, if you’ve got any intelligence whatsoever, you’ll plan out your journey beforehand. We’ve decided to chuck you some tips so your first trip will go as smoothly as humanely possible — honestly though, Vegas takes no prisoners, so remember to prepare!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!


Before you even think about jetting off to Vegas, make sure you’ve got your ESTA sorted. It only costs $14 dollars and can be done up to 72 hours before you fly over. Also, make sure your passport is in order (we know, it’s common sense, but everyone forgets) and that you know exactly where you’re going once you’ve landed. Jet lag is bad enough, don’t add to the misery by getting lost.

Walk at your own peril!


You might think that Americans are lazy, but honestly, they know what they’re talking about. It’s baking hot in Vegas and so, if you must walk, take plenty of water with you. You’ll be shocked at how fast you’ll frazzle — even after a fifteen minute trip to the store. Get a cab or better yet, take advantage of the hotel amenities.

Jet lag is very, very real!


If you’ve only ever travelled around Europe, then you’ll probably not understand the true terror that is jet lag. After stepping off the plan a whole world of pain will unfold before your eyes — at least for a few days anyway.
You’ll be waking up at 2am and ready for bed at five in the afternoon. It generally takes around two days for this to wear off, so instead of heading straight out to the tables to play some roulette or blackjack, take a rest, stay in bed and try and get some kip. While you won’t be successful in getting a full nights sleep, at least you’ll feel rested.

Make sure you dress appropriately


Once your body clock has adjusted to work around Vegas hours, its time to head on out to the casino. Now you might think that casinos, like Vegas, are roasting hot. Actually, they’re notoriously cold as they aim to keep players refreshed and comfortable. Instead we recommend that you pack a hoodie or a jumper, because you’re about to get a little bit chilly. Nobody can play well when they’re shivering away.

So, that’s pretty much it! Follow the above tips and you’ll be sure to have a great time in Vegas. Why not get a little online practice in beforehand ? That way you’ll be ready to rock and roll when you arrive in Sin City!

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