Whether you’re hitting the impressive range of table games on your app or experiencing the speed of the slots from the local casino, you’re in for a great time. However, if you don’t play in the right way the fun could be over a lot quicker than you had hoped. Yet, that doesn’t have to be the case and here our guide will show how you can make your casino fun last longer. Plus, it’s a lot easier than you might think!

Lowering your stake will make your casino fun last longer

Roulette table
Lowering your stake will enable you to play for longer

We’ll start with the obvious one, lowering your stake. Although, it may be easier said than done, because we all dream of landing the big wins and generally they arrive when you play with larger stakes. But, that shouldn’t detract from the fact that you can still get results with patience when you play over a longer period. There’s no time restrictions when you play online and the casinos are open for a long time too, so the games aren’t going anywhere! Therefore, you can prolong your entertainment by playing with lower stakes. For instance, if you have a budget of $50 for the night, make each bet $1 instead of $5 on the roulette wheel, similarly, lower your coin value on the slots. A little change like that can make a big difference and will certainly ensure you have more fun for much longer without significantly compromising your potential returns.

A good way to maintain lower stakes could be by adopting a strategy, particularly for games like roulette, but it’s important to use the right one. The D’Alembert is a strategy that could be useful in this situation. It involves the stakes increasing by one when you lose, and decreasing by one when you win, with the idea that when the number of losses equal the number of wins, you’ll be in profit by that amount. It’s simple to follow and can be effective, along with preserving your bankroll. However, following a strategy like the Martingale, whereby your stake doubles after every loss could result in big money wagers. So, it’s important to stick with one that will look after your budget in the long term.

Change your approach with the games

The speed and excitement of the slots are what makes them appeal. Everything happens so quickly and in an instant, you will know whether you’ve won the jackpot. Consequently, it can be tough to extend your time at the machines. As well as reducing your stakes, you can switch games between play. Some may do this anyway as some sort of superstition, but it can slow down the money you are feeding the machine each time.

When it comes to table games, an option would be to opt for the tables that are the busiest. This creates more time between hands, ensuring that the pace is nowhere near as relentless as it would be if you were on your own. Alternatively, you could change your game completely. Playing the slots and roulette can be very quick, so why not try blackjack or in particular, poker? This will involve more thinking, it will encourage you to use your head and strategies to make decisions. The more time you spend deliberating what to do, the longer your games and it could end up with you making smarter moves!

Another way to play for longer that could also potentially increase your excitement is by playing with a partner. You could take it in turns to play, be it on the slots or the table games, thereby halving the spend over that period. And, with you cheering each other on, the thrill will still be the same.

Plus, regardless of where you play, the best way to make your casino fun last longer will be to take breaks. At most casinos, there will be a chance to get a drink, allowing you to get away from the tables to relax, whereas, if you’re playing online it’s easier to take yourself away and stay occupied. The games won’t disappear, so have a break and come back refreshed.

Playing poker will require players to make many decisions

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