New Spawn superhero movie coming soon

If it wasn’t already obvious, this is the era of comic book characters making it on to the big screen. For years, comic books were considered too tricky a topic to translate into film, as they required incredible animations and amazing special effects. But now, thanks to cutting edge film making technology and techniques, comic book adaptations are finally getting the attention they deserve. So with overwhelming success being achieved, every comic under the sun is a prime candidate for an updated version.

The big names like Batman, Superman and the beloved Avengers have been covered, so movie studios are now turning their attention to the lesser-known heroes, hoping to strike gold. Plus, Deadpool has proven without a doubt that a hard R rating is not the death sentence it used to be.

It all comes together to give us a return of the dark superhero that you’ve probably completely forgot about. You know, that one that already made an appearance once before, back in the 90s.

Still struggling? We’ll help you out; it’s Spawn.

Dark Heroes Are All The Rage

There was a time in the 90s when Spawn was stuffed in the school bag of every cool school kid, and comic-loving adults had a copy stashed in their briefcase or next to their beds. Spawn was a superhero, but so dark and broody, and so against what was expected of square jawed icons like Captain America. And don’t dare overlook the fact that his powers involved having chains that shot out from his body. With all the hype around this anti-hero, a film was all but inevitable.

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New Film Aims To Hit Home

But now, a new Spawn film has been announced, and it has one very big advantage over the 1997 version. Namely, that it is going to have a hard R rating, allowing it to capture what made the comics so loved in the first place.

Although details are currently thin, it has been confirmed that original creator of the comics, Todd McFarlane, has been signed up as both writer and co-director. Jamie Foxx has also been confirmed as the lead and will play Al Simmons/Spawn, and Twitch Williams (rumoured to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio) will feature as a central character too. Interestingly, the film is also rumoured to have a rather small budget of $12 million, and we’re hoping this doesn’t count against it.

Spawn is due for release in 2019, and fans of the iconic Image Comics character are already rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation. Will you be watching?

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