Venetian Casino

There are only so many places a person can see before they pass on, which gave rise to the idea of a so-called bucket list. For those unaware, a bucket list is a list of things a person should see and do before kicking the bucket. Perhaps a tongue in cheek way of putting it, but still a sound thing for any reasonable person to have.

People have a wide variety of things on their personal bucket list, perhaps including activities such as skydiving, Bungee jumping, and the like. And likewise places they would like to visit, with Las Vegas surely appearing on a number of lists. There is, however, one specific location in Las Vegas that should be on everyone’s bucket lists, and you’ll soon learn exactly why.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino.

A Miracle Of Design And Architecture

Some places are so extravagant, so insanely luxurious, that a person can only sit back in awe of how exactly such wonder was created. The Venetian in Las Vegas is one of those places, and simply looking at photographs of it will surely never do it justice. For starters, consider that the Venetian sits on 120,000 square feet, and has rooms enough to house 4,049 guests. This should give a base idea of just how big the hotel, casino and resort is.

Next consider that the whole establishment is designed to mimic the architectural style of Venice, Italy, complete with gondoliers, water canals, and incredibly detailed artwork.  Not impressed? Keep in mind that Las Vegas is, essentially, a desert, and think again about those water canals.

But we’re just getting started.

The Attractions

Being in Las Vegas, The Venetian is partly a casino. So one can be sure that there is gambling entertainment enough for everyone. But The Venetian goes well beyond simply offering casino games.

There is also a museum, the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, as well as a Paris themed opera house, a live show theatre, and a number of nightclubs. Be sure to check out the 20 foot tall Buddha statue found and the Asian themed TAO club.

All this plus, naturally, all the extravagant shopping you could possibly hope for, at dozens of shops stocking everything from new clothing to silly novelties.

The Cost

The Venetian is clearly a state of the art casino, hotel and holiday resort, and was built at a staggering cost of roughly $1.5 billion. This all may give the impression that the location is strictly for high rollers, and some parts of the location are clearly designed with that intention.

But perhaps the unexpected thing is that the Venetian does not require visitors to be loaded in order to visit. Assuming that a guest does not intend on staying in the most expensive presidential rooms, the Venetian is surprisingly affordable and accessible. An average person can afford a visit to the Venetian, catch a show, have a meal, and leave with some money still left in their pockets!

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