It’s all doom and gloom for the likes of Britain and the rest of Europe as Christmas slowly approaches. As families huddle around the fire, wrapped in scarves and donning thick woollen hats, watching their Christmas spirit float away in the form of their own breath – which is the only thing they can see because it’s so dark – the rest of the world laughs as they whip out the deck chairs, slap on the sunscreen and enjoy a very jolly, warm Christmas indeed.

Instead of celebrating the conventional way – which, let’s be honest, is the only way the Brits can celebrate in their miserable weather – the best online casino has decided to throw together five amazing Christmas themes to blow your guests away.

Christmas Theme 1 – Prohibition Party

It has to be a secret, right? I mean, you can’t advertise a prohibition party, that would defeat the purpose. No, you’re going to have to be pretty sneaky when it comes to inviting people to your Christmas themed prohibition party – whether you’re inviting friends or… your dreaded family.

Get The Secret Invites Out

They can’t ignore you if you keep on asking.


If you’re keeping your party between friends, it’s more than likely going to be a few days before Christmas. Why don’t you distribute invites the old-fashioned paper way instead – it’s more special that way and people can’t just choose the maybe option on Facebook, which pretty much means ‘NO’.

Dress The Part

Gotta look the part. Gotta play the part.


Dress code is of strict importance when throwing a prohibition party. The men need to look sharp whilst the women gotta wear a flapper dress. Dems the rules, dems the rules. Tell your guests not to bother showing up unless they look like they belong in the 1920s – actually don’t, people will hate you.

1920s Music

It’s all about the blues.


The prohibition era was filled with upbeat bluesy music to cheer the good folk up because, you know, they couldn’t drink without being persecuted. Try and find a bluesy Christmas album or, you know, hire a blues band. Even better, learn how to play the sax yourself, if you’re ready for open criticism from a disgruntled relative.

Christmas Theme 2- BBQ Party

Australia is one of the few countries where you can have a BBQ on Christmas Day. Not only is it roasting-hot, but the days are long and the nights are short, a perfect day for a BBQ Christmas theme. Grab your relatives, and maybe even a few friends and turn your garden into a Christmas Day adventure. Just work out who’s cooking the turkey or you’ll have a Hunger Games style competition to determine who controls the BBQ.

Perfect Your Menu

Nobody likes picky eaters.


Don’t go all health-fu on people (like doing kung-fu on someone, but with asparagus instead of nunchucks), all people really want for Christmas is fat-laden food with more fat on top. Christmas is a time for indulging people, so arrange a menu that fits the bill. If your Christmas theme involves BBQ, it’s gotta be unhealthy.

Fry The Turkey

It’ll look spectacular.


Don’t do it like the above – don’t! It’s important to state that frying your turkey should be done properly and could be very dangerous – follow these instructions here!

Now, frying your turkey is a great way to get that turkey cooked quick – 45 minutes at the most, and it frees the BBQ up for other things. It also looks pretty awesome, but should never look like the above. Fry your turkey and be awesome, but don’t die.


It’s not a prohibition BBQ party without the booze!


Everybody needs to be merry on Christmas Day. Make sure you have plenty of booze for your party otherwise you might remember calling your Mother-in-law something nasty in the morning. Trust us, you won’t want to remember that.

Christmas Theme 3 – Karaoke Party

Karaoke is like sorting out you car insurance. Something you hate doing, but, after enough pressure, you do just once a year to shut everybody up. ‘Oh, it’s your song’, one relative will insist, ‘go on, nobody cares if you’re bad’ is another endearing term you hear that fills you with confidence, ‘just do a Meatloaf song,’ who, apparently, is the goto karaoke artist – probably because he shouts his songs so you can. Whatever the occasion, Christmas, birthdays, funerals – yes, that is a thing – there’s always time for a karaoke party.

Make sure the karaoke machine works

It’s the very least you can do.


There’s no karaoke party without a karaoke machine, so make sure it works before everybody arrives. If you’re throwing your party on Christmas Day (you weirdo, karaoke on Christmas day), then there’s no karaoke shop you can pop to. Nobody wants Uncle Pete to get his keyboard out on Christmas day. Nobody.

Set the ground rules

Nobody likes to hear the same person sing over and over and over….


Your Christmas theme is karaoke. It is not, ‘tonight, for one night only, Aunty Liz sings the complete Tina Turner collection’. Let’s be honest, nobody goes to these things to watch good people sing. If there’s a good singer, get them on first and leave the worst till last. The more you’ve drank, the funnier they’ll be.

Make Sure You Have Christmas Songs

It goes without saying – it’s a Christmas party!


Listen, your Christmas theme is karaoke, you have to play at least three Christmas songs before you whip out the best of the 90s. There’s plenty of cracking Christmas songs out there for you to jam along too. Maybe give the classic carols a miss though, they’re kinda boring. Sorry!


It’s not a prohibition BBQ Karaoke party without the booze!


The only people who truly enjoy karaoke are people who are extremely inebriated. To get actual people to actually sing, well, you need a lot more than a couple of beers. Get the beers in, it’s Christmas after all.

Christmas Theme 4 – Casino Christmas

You’ve gambled inviting Aunty Hatred and Uncle Blunt, why don’t you gamble for real with your very own Christmas themed casino party. Crack the champagne, bring out the casino chips, or even better, bring out a couple of tablets and load up number one online casino! Grab your laptop and attach it to your TV for some big screen gaming. Just don’t forget the champagne for that big win.

Set A Dress Code

Unless you look like James Bond, you’re not getting in.


We know it’s Christmas, but if you’re going to throw a casino party you can’t have relatives turning up wearing Christmas jumpers. Make sure everybody looks the part by enforcing a strict dress code. If someone forgets, they go home and they get changed. Brutal.

Make sure everybody knows the rules

Nobody likes slow play.


‘Do you put chips on the roulette wheel?’ ‘How much is the six of clubs worth again? ‘Who goes first, the dealer or me?’ These are all questions you don’t want to hear. Make sure everybody knows how to play blackjack and roulette before they come along. Tell them to get some practice in online before they head on over to the casino party of the century.

Make sure you don’t invite angry people

People love winning. They don’t like losing.


Sure, add a poker table to the foray, but if you’ve got angry relatives heading over, don’t let them play. Better yet, don’t bother inviting them, it’s safer that way. instead, invite polite, proper people who know how to carry themselves.


Christmas Theme 5 – The Unconventional Christmas Theme… Theme

Why not go the complete opposite way and celebrate Christmas by doing everything un-christmasy. Sure, give gifts and be happy and invite all your family, but surprise them with a few quirky tweaks. It’ll be like Christmas, but not Christmas. We’re sure they’ll love it.

No Christmas Tree

What about a bush, or even a Christmas wall?


You can already here the voices going – ‘what, no tree this year?’ Well no, but take a look at our Christmas car! Okay, so don’t decorate your car, but maybe devote a whole wall in your house to Christmas. Why not have your guests contribute to it? It adds to the fun of Christmas!

Pizza For Christmas Dinner

It’s not that different… is it?


Look, Christmas dinner is a big deal and quite frankly, far too much effort. Instead, why don’t you rustle up a Christmas pizza for everybody to enjoy. Kids who normally don’t eat Christmas dinner will… because it’s pizza. Secretly, you can’t really be bothered cooking it. Do the safe thing and choose Christmas pizza.

Listen to heavy metal instead of Christmas songs

The children will love it. Grandma will adore it. Rock out.


Instead of, say, Bing Crosby, why don’t you play… Slipknot. Everybody will be so pumped up that you might even end up with your own Christmas mosh-pit. Now, that would be a Christmas to remember.

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