3 Doors Down, the radio-friendly American rock band, are playing a number of casinos on their upcoming Canadian tour. But their ticket sales could be in danger after aligning themselves with President Donald Trump (owner of the famous Trump range of casinos, among other business failures) and playing at his inauguration. Lucky Nugget Casino take a look at the full story.

3 Doors Down at the inauguration

3 Doors Down were one of the few bands who agreed to play the inauguration.

Last month, Trump became the 45th President of the United States. He is a famously divisive figure, and was causing a lot of controversy before he was even inaugurated. As such, he ran into problems finding artists who would agree to play at his inauguration.

One of the few artists who agreed to play was 3 Doors Down. The band members all come from conservative families in Alabama and Mississippi. There is a good chance that the band members voted for Trump themselves. Even after many other bands refused to associate with the new President, 3 Doors Down were more than happy to get involved.

It’s that level of comfort which is potentially jeopardising their Canadian tour.

Canadians against Trump

Canada is currently led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. The general political climate in Canada is pretty left-wing too, and lots of citizens are very unhappy with Trump’s presidency.

Trudeau has released recent statements condemning the far-right attacks on a Quebec mosque, and promising to welcome refugees even as America closes its doors. He’s a very popular PM, and his sentiments are echoed by much of the population.

So, with that in mind, 3 Doors Down may receive a rather frosty welcome. The band have allied themselves with him, even given Trump’s cruel and hateful statements.

The upcoming casino tour

River Cree Casino is one of the band’s upcoming venues.

3 Doors Down are playing a number of venues on their Canadian tour, including three casino theatres. They are:

Molson Canadian Centre at Casino New Brunswick, Moncton, New Brunswick (March 9)

Schooner Room, Casino Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia (March 10)

River Cree Resort and Casino, Enoch, Alberta (March 19)

There’s the potential for Canadian fans to boycott the gigs in protest of the band’s political views. Some people who booked tickets may not go, while others who were considering attending may choose not to.

On the other hand, Canada does still have pockets of conservatives. Some right-wing Canadians may feel more positive about the band given the reveal of their recent political leanings.

And still other Canadians may be apathetic about the politics of their favourite musicians. They may just want to head to their local casino, play a few slot games, and see their favourite band of the 90s radio-rock movement.

3 Doors Down have been around for a long time, and politics is unlikely to derail their popularity. Still, they might be seeing smaller crowds than they expect in Canada, as people skip their shows in an act of protest.

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