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Best Online Casino Video Poker

We are very proud to say that Lucky Nugget is the best online casino in Canada, no matter what you feel like playing. This includes table games that require strategic thinking like Blackjack, and chance-based action such as what is seen in slots. Games that have elements of strategy and chance are also covered, and video poker is one of the best examples.

Lucky Nugget Casino Canada Online Video Poker

Casino Games That Changed History

Unlike many other casino games, video poker doesn’t have a long history. They were made possible by developments in CPU and screen technology in the late 1970s, so they were only introduced then. They certainly made up for lost time, however, and were instantly popular. Video Poker was also a hit with online casino players, as soon as it was launched on sites in the 1990s.

Lucky Nugget Casino Canada Online Video Poker

Video Poker Basics

The objective of these casino games is always to build the best 5-card hand possible, according to standard Poker rankings. The first thing you need to do is place a bet of up to 5 coins, and will then be dealt 5 cards from a single deck. These all appear on your screen at the same time, in a slots-like, chance-based way.

Once you’ve seen the cards, the strategy part of the game comes in. You need to decide which of them you want to keep, and which you want to discard and replace from the same deck. You can change as few or as many as you like, but you have to make all your moves in a single turn. You can’t wait and see what happens when you replace one card, and then decide what to do next based on that.

After you’ve made your replacements, your payout is calculated according to what is in your final hand, and how much you bet in the first place. When you’re playing at our online casino, of course, the returns are always outstanding. The original video poker game was Jacks or Better, where players won if they were holding a pair of Jacks or higher. Over time, because it is so popular, many different versions have developed.

Lucky Nugget Casino Canada Online Video Poker

Maximize Your Wins

There are a few Poker-like elements to these games, but they are much simpler than the card tables. That makes them perfect for anyone who wants to start playing table Poker. You can enjoy the video version to get familiar with hand rankings, so that you don’t have to waste time and energy thinking about them when you sit at a real Poker table.

Of course, video poker has plenty of its own rewards. You don’t just need to play it to get yourself ready for table Poker; it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding in its own right. Playing a few rounds always enhances the experiences at a casino online, and to help you maximise your wins there are strategy charts available for every variation.

The charts tell you exactly what move to make, in every situation. No matter what cards you were dealt, these will give you the best chance of winning some kind of rewards. They are especially useful when you are first playing; once you are more familiar with the games you might find that you don’t need to rely on them as much.

Lucky Nugget Casino Canada Online Video Poker

Enjoy Video Poker at Lucky Nugget

The best online casino for these games has to be ours! Microgaming powers all the options, meaning they work perfectly and look gorgeous. Add the diverse selection, handsome payouts, and exceptional service, and you’ve got everything you could want from a casino online.

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