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Online Blackjack in New Zealand

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The great thing about playing Online Blackjack (and the offline version of the game for that matter) is that it is the ONLY Online Casino Game in which a player will constantly win money by simply using their knowledge of the game and a few easy to remember Blackjack tips.

Why Play Online Blackjack in New Zealand?

Firstly there is the fact that many of the best Online Blackjack Strategies that are available on the internet truly do work. This is because Online Blackjack is one of the very few Online Casino games that offer good winning odds to the player. In fact, if a player has a good working knowledge of the game and they employ good Online Blackjack Strategies they should almost always walk away from the Casino Software with some fairly decent wins.

Did you know?

That even though land based casinos do not allow Blackjack Card Counting, we actually promote it! This is because not only do we want you to enjoy your Online Blackjack Gaming experience here at Lucky Nugget, but we actually do view it as part of a game of skill. Card Counting skills are exceptionally useful when playing Online Blackjack Tournaments. The skill gives you a distinct advantage over all of the other players at the tournament table.

Basic Online Blackjack Rules

All Online Blackjack Games have a few basic rules that are used in all variations of the game. Below we have explained some of the core basic rules to help you understand what playing Online Blackjack is about.

Please Note! If you have already played Online Blackjack before then you can ignore this section. This is simply a very brief explanation of the very basics of the game of Blackjack.

The objective behind playing a game of Blackjack is fairly simple – The game is all about having better cards than the dealer without going over the amount of twenty one. If the dealer manages to get a better (higher) hand than the player or the sum of the player’s cards totals over twenty one, they lose.

When starting a game the player will be dealt two cards. They must then decide, based on the sum of their cards, to either hit or stand. To hit means to get request another card while choosing to stand means that the player chooses to request no more cards. Players can hit as many times as they want until they are happy with the card total, or till their cards have become bust (bust means that the cards total more than 21). The card totals are worked out as follows:

The Ace: Can count as a one or an eleven (this is the players choice)Number Cards: These correspond to the numbers on them.

These cards include the 2 – 10 cards. Face Cards: These cards count as ten. These cards include The King, Queen and Jack cards.

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