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Play Online Craps and Win at Lucky Nugget

Craps Casino Game Online

Are you ready for some of the most intense gaming experiences of your life? Experience full-throttle action when you play online Craps at Lucky Nugget Casino!

Craps is, without doubt, the most famous, the most legendary, dice game on the planet. Said to have been played in ancient times, its bets and rounds continue to get players’ hearts racing. You may have heard of its reputation as a difficult game to learn. However, if you are new to it, and you start with the bets recommended for beginners, you are sure to love playing just as much as we do. Enjoy top-quality gaming at our online casino whenever the dice roll!

An Iconic Game

When you learn how to play online Craps, you learn about a game that developed gradually over time. No one knows who its first players were. What we do know is that humans have played with dice for thousands of years.

According to some theories, the game developed from several basic games in which players tried to guess the outcomes of dice rolls. Some theories credit ancient Roman soldiers with its development, while others trace it to Arabia. Another theory was that Sir William of Tyre created the game in 1125 during the Crusades. It was originally known as Hazard, but became known as Craps when French players crouched to play it on sidewalks. It was said they resembled toads or ‘crapauds’ – and the name stuck! Craps underwent more changes in 18th and 19th century USA, with the result being one of the most exciting games available to casino games players.

The Table Explained

The first thing to do when you learn to play online Craps is to learn how the table is laid out. This is because it has what many players think is one of the most confusing betting tracks.

It really is very simple. The left side of the table is where Come, Don’t Come, and associated Odds bets are located. You can find Proposition bets in the centre of the table, and Pass, Don’t Pass, and their associated Odds bets on the right side of the table. If you are new to playing the game, we recommend that, initially, you focus your attention on the right side of the table. That is where you will find the bet that is most recommended for new players.

A Glance at Basic Gameplay

The basic gameplay you will use whenever you play online Craps is easy enough to enjoy whether you are playing when you are at home or on the go. Start by choosing the bet that matches what you think the outcome of your dice roll will be.

Once you have selected your bet, roll the dice. They will bounce across the table, and will eventually come to a rest. If you win your bet, you will be paid out. If you establish the point, you will need to continue with round two, in which you can place additional bets and throw the dice again.

The Best Bets For Beginners

If you are a beginner, place the Pass bet when you play online Craps at Lucky Nugget Casino. You need to roll a 7 or 11 to win the bet at our top casino online.

Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 loses, but any other result will establish the point. You can then place a Pass Line Odds bet before rolling the dice a second time. You need to see the dice produce the point a second time before they produce a 7 for you to win.

Discover just how exciting and rewarding Craps can be when you play with us!

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