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Play Online Craps With Lucky Nugget

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When it comes to online gambling, Craps is among the most popular and entertaining games available. Here at Lucky Nugget Casino, we offer superb variations, complete with crisp graphics and results that are certified as 100% fair. Anyone who wants to play online Craps needs to learn the basics first, which you can do right here.

Basic Craps Gameplay

The rules and structure of both land-based and online gambling Craps are the same. A pair of dice is thrown, and you need to bet on what the faces will show when they come to rest. The patterns and totals on the dice have different odds, so they pay out different amounts when you win.

In brick-and-mortar games, players take it in turns to assume the role of Shooter and throw the dice themselves. In the online versions at Lucky Nugget Casino, the results are created using cutting-edge Random Number Generation software.

Betting With or Against the Shooter

Although no one is actually the Shooter when you play online Craps, the terminology remains the same. In the 2 stages of the game, called the Come Out and Point Phases you are said to be betting with or against the Shooter. You’re betting with the Shooter if you say that the Shooter will win, and against if you say they’ll lose. If you bet with the Shooter you place a Pass Bet, and if you bet against them you place a Don’t Pass Bet.

To win the Come Out Phase, the Shooter needs to land a total of 7 or 11. If they roll a 2, 3 or 12, they lose. Any other total on the dice is called the Point, and the Point Phase of the game begins. Here, to win the Shooter must land the recently established Point on the dice before rolling another 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12. If they throw one of these totals before the Point, they lose. Wagers with and against the Shooter in the Point Phase are respectively called Come and Don’t Come Bets.

Betting Options

As you play online Craps, your confidence and interest in this deceptively simple game is sure to grow. When you feel ready, you can expand your wagers from simply betting with or against the Shooter in the Come Out and Point phases. The ones we recommend are:

  • Place Win and Place Lose: Place Win and Lose wagers are laid after the Shooter has established the Point. A Place Win says any number from 6 to 10 will land on the next roll, with the exception of 7. Conversely, a Place lose predicts that a 7 will appear next.
  • Buy and Lay: Buy and Lay stakes are like Place Win and Lose Bets, but they offer higher payouts and the house takes a 5% commission. Collectively, Place Win, Place Lose, Buy and Lay Bets are called Odds Bets.
  • Hardways: Hardways are any prediction that the dice will show a pair of the same number before the next 7 is rolled. For instance, a Hard 6 is a pair of 3s, while a Hard 10 is a pair of 5s.
  • Big 6 and Big 8: You predict that any combination adding up to 6 will be thrown before the next combination adding up to 7 when you place a Big 6 Bet. A Big 8 Bet is the same, for a combination totalling 8 rather than 6.

Propositions: Proposition Bets are specific predictions about the game. These carry the highest odds and potential rewards when you play online Craps. You can even predict the exact numbers that will next appear on the dice!

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