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Baccarat BM

Many Bermudan players approach card games in which they can make moves in the confidence that they can somehow swing the action in their favour. Let online Baccarat show you what it is like when you have no influence whatsoever, and winning big relies on luck!

As you can imagine, this casino game is one of the most intensely exciting, suspenseful and rewarding that you can play at Lucky Nugget Casino. You make a prediction, and then you watch as cards are dealt and scores dictate the moves. Baccarat may have been created a few centuries ago, but the experience of playing it is as enlivening as ever. Play it with us and find out why it is the most popular table in Asia’s top casinos.

Baccarat Offers Timeless Gaming

Lucky Nugget Casino brings you a mouth-watering selection of Baccarat games online. They represent the current pinnacle of 500 years of action and entertainment.

One of the game’s earliest forms is courtesy of Felix Falguiere, who lived in 15th century Italy. The rules evolved as the game spread to France and then England, where it was immortalised in Ian Fleming’s novels as Agent 007’s favourite game. The game underwent further evolution in Cuba and North America. Microgaming powers our online Baccarat games, and when you play with us, you are playing the game at its very best.

Simple Yet Sizzling Gameplay

Although Baccarat games online use complex rules to decide how moves are made, the only thing you need to do when you play the best versions available in Bermuda is to place a bet. There are 3 possible options.

You can bet that the hand called the Player wins, that the hand called the Banker wins, or that the 2 hands Tie. A hand needs a maximum score of 9 points to win.

When playing, 2 cards are dealt to each hand after you place a bet. The hands will be scored, and the software will make any necessary moves. The hands will be rescored, if need be, and the winner will be announced. If your guess was correct, your bet will pay out accordingly!

How Baccarat Scoring Works

Online Baccarat scoring is not as straightforward as adding up the values of the cards in hand, and you can see it in the fact that 9 is the maximum score possible. Hands get 1 point per Ace, and the face value in points for cards 2 to 9.

However, 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 0 points. If a hand has a 7 and a 9, they add up to 16 points. However, the 10 is subtracted, which means the hand scores 6. See it all in action when you play a top-rated Baccarat game online at Lucky Nugget Casino.

Moves and Payouts

Part of the thrill of online Baccarat is seeing how hand scores determine whether hands Hit or Stand. If a Player hand scores between 6 and 9, it will be played as is. If the score is 5 points or lower, the hand must Hit.

The Banker hand’s moves are determined by far more complex rules. You will find it difficult to take your eyes off the table when you play the game at the best online casino for players in Bermuda. If you bet on the Player and win, your bet pays out 1:1. If you bet on the Banker and win, your bet pays out 1:1 less 5% commission. If you placed a Tie bet and win, it pays out 8:1.

Put your luck to the test with online Baccarat at Lucky Nugget Casino and see if you can be a winner.

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