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Play Top Class Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Live Poker Bermuda

If you think live Caribbean Stud Poker sounds like it could be one of the card game’s most popular variants on a laid-back holiday, you would not be far off the mark. Discover its easy-going action and massive winning potential at Lucky Nugget Casino.

Thanks to Evolution Gaming, we bring the best live casino thrills to players in Bermuda. Among them is one of the most recent Poker variations, created to offer the perfect balance of ease and excitement. You get 5 cards to start, so there are no drawn-out stages in which community cards are dealt. Instead, the action happens in one swoop and you can enjoy the liveliest gaming at our casino online.

A Game With Rich Origins

Live Caribbean Stud Poker is not called that because someone wanted to give it a name that conjures up images of carefree vacation days. It really did develop in that tropical playground.

James Suttle learned the game from a player who was down on his luck. Suttle was so impressed with it he taught it to Aruba resort owner, Danny Jones. Also impressed, Jones made a few changes to the rules, and started offering it in his casino, which was a popular venue for cruise ship passengers. Players could not get enough of the new game, and it spread quickly to casinos in other countries. The game’s simplicity is undeniably enjoyable, and it can be seriously rewarding. Play it with friendly dealers at Lucky Nugget Casino, and you are sure to agree that it is a fantastic addition to the Evolution live offerings.

How to Play and Win

Live Caribbean Stud Poker must be one of the easiest 5-card variants and the action will begin as soon as you place a bet.

The dealer will deal 5 cards from the shoe to you. They all will be face up. Next, the dealer will deal 5 cards to him/herself. Unlike yours, 4 of their cards will be face down. Consider your hand of cards, as well as the dealer’s single face-up card, and then decide how to proceed. You can either raise by placing a second bet, or you can fold. If you raise, the dealer will turn their facedown cards face-up, and they will compare their hand with yours to determine the winner. The dealer needs a king high to qualify.

Hands That Beat the Dealer

It can help to familiarise yourself with the traditional winning hands, because you can beat the Evolution live Poker dealer with any of them. Think carefully when deciding whether to raise or to fold. Ranked from lowest to highest, the winning hands include a Pair, 2 Pairs, 3 Of A Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, 4 Of A Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

Boost Yours Wins With Bonus Bets

Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s award-winning innovative approach to gaming, you can enjoy extra chances to win when you play live Caribbean Stud Poker at Lucky Nugget Casino. There are additional bets you can place when you place your opening bet.

Place the progressive jackpot side bet for chances to win an amount of money that keeps getting bigger as you play. If you are lucky enough to win the game with a Royal Flush, you win the progressive jackpot as well. If you take the 5+1 bonus bet option, your 5 cards as well as the dealer’s 1 face-up card will be considered. You need to see a 3 of a kind or better among them to win. The better the winning hand, the bigger the payout. Again, if you are lucky enough to see a Royal Flush, the bet will pay out 1000:1!

Enjoy Evolution live Poker action in Bermuda with Lucky Nugget Casino and play for a winning hand!

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