Infographic - Places people play casino games

Mobile Customers Feeling Flush: 35% admit to playing on the Toilet

You know it, we’ve all been guilty of it; we’ve all taken a quick toilet break to have a sneaky play on our phones. Whether you’re in the service industry or an office worker, sometimes there’s no better way to take 5 minutes than locking yourself away in the toilet, hidden from the rest of the world.

But did you know that 35% of our customers take their favourite mobile games to the toilet with them?

We’re not talking video games here, we’re talking about casino gaming. It seems, that in the thrill of it all, some people cannot hold their bladder through all the excitement.

Playing on the toilet isn’t just the only unusual place to play Lucky Nugget Casino. We asked 400 of our customers where they enjoyed their favourite games.

Infographic - Places people play casino games

The results are really quite surprising:

  • 35% of our players actually admitted to playing on the toilet! – most employers know when you’re taking liberties with an hour long toilet break. Sure, ten minutes here and there won’t hurt, but don’t get caught up playing roulette whilst at work. There’s a lot you can do in ten minutes though, so play it smart and that quick toilet break could turn you into a millionaire.
  • 20% adopted the more traditional route of playing on the sofa – apparently the only normal people who play at Lucky Nugget casino according to this survey. Taking the traditional route is the only way to go for undisturbed, pleasant play. Alas, most of our players don’t have the time to do this, that’s why they play Lucky Nugget elsewhere.
  • 15% of our customers play on their commute to work and 10% actually play at work! – As mentioned before, your boss knows when you’re playing at work. I guess we can’t condone it, but if you’re not busy and you’ve got twenty minutes to spare, maybe a sneaky game of blackjack won’t hurt. On your way to work is a different story, and whilst you might be able to waste some time, celebrating in glee when your numbers come up is definitely frowned upon, especially whilst riding the train. If you don’t want to look crazy, control your emotions.
  • 10% of people prefer the fresh air when tackling the Jackpot pokies – dragging your sofa into the garden for the day doesn’t count. These people like to go to the park to experience playing in the wild. Whilst the idea of sitting on a park bench might sound great, you are exposed to the elements. In the rare occurrence that it rains, you’ll be caught by the elements and will be in for a very brisk walk home; maybe a little bit richer though.
  • 10% even play when they’re at the supermarket, or even at the gym, or even whilst they’re watching their children play cricket – perfect for those boring trips out shopping with the other half, but make sure you keep your eyes on where you’re walking. An unintended trip into the wrong dressing room might be cause for concern. If you’re watching your child play cricket, and it gets really boring, I’m sure he won’t mind you having a quick go of the casino; just don’t tell him afterwards!


So, why do people actually play on the toilet?

It’s probably down to the fact that with Lucky Nugget Casino, you’ll have unlimited access to 22+ games, straight from your mobile device. This means you can load your favourite games up whilst you’re doing the daily shop, waiting for a bus, sat at the park or even, you guessed it, on the porcelain throne.

Honestly guys, Lucky Nugget has it covered with all the Microgaming slots that you’ll ever need.

You’ll also get access to some of our most popular games such as Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider and Double Double Bonus Poker (take a look to browse all our awesome slot games). They have all been optimised for your device, so you don’t have to worry about having an Android, we cater for all phone types.

We’re not just about Apple you know!

You can now take the action anywhere, regardless of your device, just as long as it’s a smartphone. So whether you’re playing on Android, Blackberry or an Apple device, you’ll never miss out on the action. All our mobile games have been specifically designed for the device you own.

You will get full access to all our mobile games regardless of what device you own. In addition to our most popular games, you will get access to blackjack, casino table games, roulette and even a chance to take a pull at the jackpot pokies.

Security wherever you decide to play

At Lucky Nugget we understand that your fun ultimately depends on your safety. We believe it’s paramount that we make sure you have a safe and secure gaming experience. Lucky Nugget will take the very best of care with your bank details, which means making a deposit will be a stress free experience, even on the toilet.

You can find out more about our safety and security features here.

Enjoy your gaming!

Wherever you decide to do it.

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