Everyone loves a good museum. After all, there is no better way to increase your knowledge about interesting aspects of the world than to see these things first hand. And given the incredible museums that can be found in every corner of the globe, an inquisitive person is surely spoilt for choice.

But, in the interests of spreading our horizons, let’s put aside the greatest, most credible and acclaimed museums, and instead focus on those that are a little more – shall we say – tongue in cheek. Because if you thought all museums rode high on their credibility, you’d be dead wrong. Here are some of the most bizarre, outrageous, and extremely entertaining museums found around the world.

International Cryptozoology Museum

What is cryptozoology, you ask? Why, just about anything you want it to be, of course. Cryptozoology, although sounding very professional, deals with things like yetis, the Loch Ness Monster, and the odd giant beaver. Did we say giant beaver? Yes we did. And yes there is a giant beaver display at the International Cryptozoology Museum.

Is the place actually suggesting that such things exist? Well, not really. It’s instead asking “what if such things did exist.” The place seems well aware that it’s having a little fun, and most visitors will probably be smart enough to know it’s all meant to be taken with a bucket or two of salt. Either way, it’s a great place to visit, and an excellent place to get some hilarious photographs.

Chasing Rainbows Museum

Do you like Dolly Parton? Sure, she’s okay. No, I mean do you really, really, like Dolly Parton. To the point where you would enter into a museum dedicated entirely to her, and nothing else. A bit excessive, you think? Be still your mouth, because the Chasing Rainbows Museum exists, and it has nothing but exhibits dedicated to this petite-with-giant-bosoms country singer.

The place is apparently popular, although who knows how it stays in business, given that entrance sits at just under $100. Willing to pay that in order to bask in all things Dolly Parton? Then, go right ahead, of course.

Museum Of The Weird

One can’t write a blog about weird attractions, without including a place that is actually called the Museum Of The Weird. Although, if we’re being completely honest, the place is hardly any weirder than the Cryptozoology Museum. The Museum of The Weird is a mix up of exhibits that are mostly harmless and fun, but others that might actually make visitors take a step back and raise an eyebrow.

After all, a display of a skeleton sitting on a pirate’s treasure chest is one thing, but genuine shrunken heads are something else entirely. The place claims to be child friendly, but we can think of a few children who might have a nightmare or two after seeing a shrunken head. Either way, the place is sure to be an experience.

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