The future of online gaming, as some would definitively put it, is finally here. The advances in technology – casino and non-casino related – have allowed us to progress from basic online casinos to the gaming experience that we know and love today. We all remember the online casinos from the 90s, with dreadful graphics and awful loading times – well now we’ve got sleek, fast and beautiful places to play our favourite games. It’s almost as if we hit a peak with the software on offer nowadays – but that’s all about to change with virtual reality (VR) gaming!

Lucky Nugget Casino is going to take a look at the technology of the future. Read on below for more information!

How does Virtual Reality gaming work?

There’s two big hitters in the VR gaming market – Oculus Rift and GameFace. They have both pioneered gaming tech to the point where those big virtual reality helmets you’ve seen in Sci-Fi films are now a reality.

Pioneers in the online gaming world have created a piece of gaming software that works perfectly with VR hardware. On activating the device you are taken to a 3D casino, where you are free to walk around, talk with other players and browse the many mobile casino games on offer. You move about with the joystick attached to the VR headset and look around like you normally would – by moving your eyes and tilting your head. It’s essentially a casino where you can walk around, while sitting down in the comfort of your own home!

If you’re thinking this is just a passing fancy then you’re wrong. Facebook have recently acquired Oculus Rift, and so you can almost guarantee that there’s going to be money pumped into this. Google are also in the game with Google Glass, and there’s loads more VR brands out there, trying to take their place on an extremely competitive market.

At the moment you can only interact with bots (non-humans), but soon we could have casinos filled with real dealers, bartenders and other gamers ready to connect! There’s one thing for certain – the future looks very exciting indeed!

What do you think about VR Gaming? Is it something that you’d be interested in trying? Let us know in the comments section below!

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