The beautiful town of View Royal, Victoria, so named because of its royal view, is well on the way to getting a spectacular $15 million refurbishment to the town’s casino.

The View Royal Casino opened back in 2001 by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. And as with any fifteen year old casino, it’s seen better days. But by the end of 2017, the first phase of the proposed redevelopment should be completed, giving everyone in Victoria a spectacular casino once more.

Grand plans for new project

The $15 million project will see the casino transformed into a modern palace of gaming heaven. But it’s going to take a while, since the first phase only began in February with construction crews demolishing the entire north end of the casino. Gone are the restaurant, lounge and small slots area and in their place you’re going to find a brand new six hundred seat venue, perfect for the very best in casino entertainment. There will be an enlarged gaming floor that will offer more high-limit blackjack, roulette and baccarat – perfect for those high rollers out there. And finally, a new 150-seat buffet and lounge area along with a new 20-seat restaurant outlet in the newly made space. All in all, this looks like it’s going to be a spectacular addition to this popular casino.

The View Royal Casino is set for a $15m refurbishment in 2018
The View Royal Casino is set for a $15m refurbishment in 2018

The View Royal casino remains open through all works, and the developers and owners are hoping to keep guest inconvenience to a minimum. Chris Lynn, Vancouver Island Executive Director for Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, had this to say to the local Goldstream News Gazette;

“Everybody’s excited about the end result. Sometimes the inconvenience of not having all of the amenities that they are used comes to the forefront but I think everybody has been pretty understanding and is super-excited about what we’re going to become.”

The goal for this first stage of redevelopment is December, and it’s certainly been a long time coming, as originally the massive project was earmarked to start in 2007. But one massive global recession soon put those plans on hold until now.

At the end of the entire redevelopment project there’s a possibility that the fifteen year old casino might also undergo a name change, but this is by no means final at this point. Chris Lynn describes the entire project as something that really will be the best in live and local entertainment in Victoria with something to appeal to everyone.

What’s more, this might not be the only development for the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation in Victoria either, as there are possible plans to open a smaller casino in downtown Victoria. So, for all of you British Columbians your gambling choices are just getting better and better. But don’t forget to practise on the tables at Lucky Nugget Casino in the meantime!

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