There’s a reason that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games around; it’s great fun! Taking on the dealer and hoping to land the coveted ’21’ is thrilling, exciting and tense. As well as that, you have to make in-play decisions that will make or break the result. Yet, despite the relative simplicity of playing the game, there are many blackjack phrases that people will not know.

Here we will give you a comprehensive list of the key blackjack terms, so you’re fully prepared for when you hit the tables on Lucky Nugget Casino.

The blackjack phrases you need to know

Blackjack with gambling chips

Bankroll: This is the money you have set aside to play. Each win will add to your bankroll, whereas losses will reduce your bankroll. Stay within your limits and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Bust and Bust card: When you go over ’21’ in blackjack you lose and that is known as going bust. Therefore, the bust card is the card that takes you over that value.

Blackjack: It’s the name of the game, and also the aim of the game. Getting blackjack is scoring 21 from your first two cards, through an ace and a card with the value of 10. Not only will you win, but the payout will be at 3:2 instead of the regular 1:1.

Double down: After a player is dealt their initial hand, you always have the option to double down. It involves doubling your initial bet and you will be given one further card and no more. That’s the risk, but is it worth it?

Hard hand: A hard hand is any hand that could see you going bust on the outcome of the next card.

Hit: You should all know this term! When you need another card in blackjack, it’s called a hit.

Insurance: When the dealer’s card on show is an ace, a player can take insurance in the form a further side bet. It will be half your initial bet and will win if the dealer has blackjack, paying out your wager and half the first bet. However, if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the side bet loses and the hand plays out as normal.

Push: You can’t always win in blackjack, so when you and the dealer have the same value cards, it’s a tie and known as a push. It will see your initial stake returned.

Soft hand: A soft hand is one that involves an ace valued as 11, as opposed to one.

Split: Another that requires quick and strategical thinking. When you’re dealt two cards of the same value, you’re entitled to split. This involves your two cards becoming two separate hands against the dealer. It will double your initial stake and then both your hands will play against the dealer, obviously creating the possibility of increased winnings.


Stand: Sometimes in blackjack you won’t be able to get 21 and instead will not ask for any more cards.

Upcard: The dealer will have one card face up, one face down and the one you can see will be referred to as the upcard.

That concludes the key blackjack phrases you need to know. Playing the game is great entertainment, but it can be a struggle if you don’t understand every aspect. However, with this list you can brush up your knowledge of the game, which should benefit you at the tables.

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