The crackdown on gambling in nearby countries has seen a lot of Chinese and Asian visitors to Australia over recent times, and that has resulted in one big winner – Aussie casinos. Of course, tourism, usually has that effect, hotels, local services and amenities are bound to boom with an increased number of guests, however gambling restrictions in other countries mean a lot are coming specifically to hit the casinos.

Of course, gambling laws and restrictions stop players in China and Asia just logging into their Lucky Nugget Casino account like you lucky players! So they seek the thrill elsewhere.

They’re coming in their millions

It has also been a fairly recent surge. In 2016 the number of short-term visitors to the country has more than doubled, with Australian casinos reporting that visitation from Asian countries was around 2.36m. They clearly like what is on offer.

The reason they are visiting is because of the new President, Xi Jinping who has set out to put a halt to the gambling culture that had engulfed Macau.

Big spending follows

The huge advantage of Chinese and Asian players is the amount of money they are prepared to spend. Incredibly, 90-95% of the VIP player traffic will come from the Chinese, which is exactly what the casinos want.

In 2015 Australian casinos generated $6.7bn, but with the new big spending coming from tourists you can expect that number to be significantly higher when the 2016 figures are calculated, and this could just be the start of the huge revenue.

Looking to the future

Given the key role the tourists are playing, you can now expect the Australian casinos to cater to their tastes, to make their experience even better.

This has already happened in Vegas, with a new resort to be open in early December that will be the first Asian themed one in the gambling capital of the world.

So, if it’s good enough for them you can expect to see similar ideas implemented here. However, that won’t stop Australia still attracting players. It has a similarly warm climate, and is easier to access, so while the current government laws are in place then the visitors will continue to arrive.

All in all, it’s a very positive time for Australian casinos, and fortunately it doesn’t look like ending any time soon. The influx of tourists who are seeking to gamble has given the country a boost and with no restrictions in this country, you can expect to see the casinos getting bigger and better than ever before. Enjoy!

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