Over the last ten years online gaming has boomed in popularity so much that bricks and mortar casinos now seem a thing of the past. The ease and accessibility of online casinos, with their sleek websites and multiple platforms – PC, tablet and mobile – have allowed gamers to play their favourite games in the car, on the train and even on the toilet! For any person to suggest in the future that one could play blackjack, roulette and even slot games from their computers would be called, well, insane.

The rise of the internet connection and the subsequent constant access to games, information and nearly anything else has ultimately bred an inherently lazy consumer. Once, pre-internet era, gambling was limited by the opening hours of a casino, amongst other factors. Nowadays, with roulette and online blackjack a mere click away, casinos no longer have the privilege of exclusivity. The gambling populous is quickly drifting away from real casinos and slipping ever so quietly to the world of online casinos.

The question on everybody’s lips though; have they crumbled under the immense pressure of the internet giants? The answer to that one is simple; absolutely not. Casinos still stand tall in all their glory; literally. The skyscrapers you see brandishing neon-lit names such as The Bellagio, or Caesars were not maintained by a recent lack of attendance.  Instead they have stayed strong, firm and have grown to heights bigger then ever.

The Bellagio | Las Vegas | USA

Online casinos have no chance of taking down the most famous casino in the world! Introducing The Bellagio!

The famous dancing fountains that have graced The Bellagio for years. Beautiful!

The Bellagio is often regarded as one of the most famous casinos in the world; being the set for Ocean’s 11 and starring one of the best in the business, George Clooney, has helped maintain that reputation. The Bellagio sets itself apart from the rest on the Las Vegas strip, with an eight-acre lake and its world famous dancing water fountain. If you are looking for a casino with style and class then The Bellagio is the right casino for you.

If you are looking for high-stakes poker then this casino is ideal for you. It hosts World Poker Tour events attracting some of the biggest names on the tour, such as Daniel Negreanu and Tom Ivey. Overall, The Bellagio hosts an incredible 2,300 video slot machines, with jackpots that reach an incredible $2 million. Whether you’re a high-roller or a casual tourist, this casino is the pinnacle of gaming. Ditch those laptops and jet of to Vegas!

Crown Casino Resort | Melbourne | Australia

The Crown Casino Resort in Melbourne is one example of a resort that’s gone toe to toe with Australia’s booming online casinos and has remained standing.

The gorgeous sight that is the Crown Resort Casino, Melbourne.

The Crown Casino is perfect for poker fans who love poker, with over 50 poker tables available. They are home to Australia’s largest range of cash games and tournaments, essentially being the number one place to play poker in the whole of Australia. They also offer a huge range of casino table games available, with a wide range of blackjack, roulette and baccarat tables.

Their main attraction though, is their VIP gaming room – The Mahogany Room. With some of the most competitive table limits and programs on the globe, this VIP room offers players high-stakes gaming on Roulette, Baccarat, Pai Gow and Blackjack. If you think that high-rollers stick to online play you would be very wrong indeed.

Caesar’s Palace | Las Vegas | USA

If you’re familiar with the film The Hangover, then you’ve probably heard of of Caesar’s Palace.

38-781-caesars palace6.jpg-BasicCrop-size-500x500
Wonderfully crafted marble adorns Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, you might be disappointed to know, Caesar’s Palace is not themed on the Roman Emperor’s actual palace. Instead, it’s themed on the actual time period and contains its very own Colosseum, marble statues and beautiful pillars which support the structure of the building. The most famous part of the building, though, is the awe-inspiring spiral escalators and over 150,000 sq ft of exciting casino floorspace.

Table games, slot machines and a wide range of poker tables create one of the finest gambling venues in the world. If you’re looking for an attractive casino that’s easy to the eye then head on over to Caesar’s and let your hair down!

Casino de Monte Carlo | Monte Carlo | Monaco

Monaco; the tax-haven for the rich and famous, and of course, the resting place of the world famous Casino de Monte Carlo.

The gorgeous site that is the Casino de Monte Carlo!
The gorgeous site that is the Casino de Monte Carlo!

This 150-year-old casino is a plush, charming and somewhat of a posh venue; the amazing beauty of the building is married perfectly with the gorgeous water fountains that been a key focal point for the casino.

Ultimately, the architecture is stunning and the casino is the epitome of class. There’s a huge range of casino games available from blackjack, baccarat and of course, Monaco’s favourite game, roulette. If you’re looking for specific French games then you have Chemin de Fer, Trente & Quarante and even Punto Banco. There’s also dedicated Salons Prives (private rooms) and Supers Prives (super private) for Monaco’s many high-rollers.

Foxwoods Resort Casino | Connecticut | USA

It’s the second largest casino in America, and is in-fact a collection of six casinos in one – it’s the Foxwoods Resort Casino!

Beautiful sights surround the brilliant Foxwood Casino Resort!

The Foxwoods Casino Resort plays host to 350,000 sq ft of gambling space and includes a whopping 380 gaming tables, 6,000 slot machines and a whole lot of action. It even has one of the largest bingo halls in all of America, with the ability to house up to 5,000 players at once. If you’re looking for the ultimate bingo experience then head on over to the Foxwoods Casino Resort!

So, yeah, regular casinos are doing pretty well as it is. Sure, the rise of the online giant might be worrying for some of the less profitable casinos, but giants like these need not fear. They stand tall and proud and will be around for many years to come!

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