If you’re new to the online gambling world it may be a daunting experience. And, even if you’re not, there may still be aspects you don’t quite know, be it from sign up bonuses to the games on offer. Thankfully, Lucky Nugget Casino are here to help. We will rundown 10 rookie online casino mistakes that players make, so it won’t happen to you when you play our great games in the future!

Not checking the website is safe and secure

Lucky Nugget Casino is a safe and secure website for any player, but don’t just take our word for it. Check! Likewise, any other casino you may play online. Check the legislation, search the license tool and be sure that they operate within the guidelines set out. There’s no excuse to not check before you sign up and spend.

Not knowing the games

Make sure you know the details of every game before you play online
Make sure you know the details of every game before you play online

There are many casino games to play. Whether you’re a fan of roulette, prefer slots, blackjack or poker, there’s all that and more. So, make sure you know the games that are available and research that the casino you sign up with offers them. For instance, if you’re a fan of slots, sign up with someone who boasts an extensive range!

Not learning the rules

Once you’ve done that, make sure you learn the rules. Sure, for some games there’s not much to learn, but when you play poker or blackjack there’s a lot to grasp. Make sure you understand every detail before you play, otherwise it could cost you money as you start to see how the more experienced players play.

Not practising!

Given the ease at which you can find games online on demo mode, failing to practise is another mistake players should never make. Alternatively, play for the lowest possible stakes. Either way, if you’re just beginning to understand a game, or trying a new one, the best way to improve is by practising. And, at that stage of your play, you don’t want to be wasting money, so wait until you’ve perfected your game.

You can practice online, to prepare yourself for any possibility at the casino
You can practice online, to prepare yourself for any possibility at the casino

Too much too soon

Once you have had sufficient practise and feel ready to play the games, don’t expect too much too soon. The games will not go away, we all dream of landing the big wins, but they don’t have to come from one spin. When you play online, you’re never restricted, so plan your time carefully.

Not budgeting properly

As well as that, it’s vital to budget properly. Stay within your means, whether that’s a $1 spin or a $10 spin. If you fail to budget properly, you could chase your losses quickly and that puts you on a slippery slope. Instead, work out what you have to play with, and stick with it. When it’s gone, you finish, although hopefully you’ll secure the wins!

Play with limits

Playing online might seem different to the actual casino, and may cause you to spend more than you had hoped. It’s natural to get caught up in the excitement and thrill of the casino, but it’s vital you don’t overstep the mark. Therefore, you can set yourself limits when you play online which will help monitor your bankroll. Plus, it will be an easy way to stick within the budgets that you should have set.

Not knowing the bonuses

Upon joining an online casino for the first time, the likelihood is that you can receive many enticing bonuses. If not, find somewhere that offers them! Again, you need to search for the one that suits you, which can depend on how often you play, but there’s no denying that these bonuses can help you get off to a great start. So, check the bonuses, read the terms and make sure you make the most of signing up.

The gamblers fallacy

Remember that each spin is independent when it comes to roulette!
Remember that each spin is independent when it comes to roulette!

The gamblers fallacy is when a player incorrectly believes that a random event is less likely to happen in the future because of what’s happened before. For instance, if the ball lands on red five times on the roulette wheel, it has just as much chance of landing on red for the sixth spin. Each spin is independent, and has the same chance every time. Don’t get suckered into believing you’re due a win and altering your stake!

Not enjoying yourself

If playing at the casino isn’t great fun, then stop. Gambling is all about enjoyment, experiencing the tension and entertainment that each game provides. Should those feelings disappear, then it’s time to stop. Making the mistake of not enjoying it could also impact your bankroll as you make poor decisions with your stakes.

Ultimately, there’s much to enjoy about playing online casino, but it can be a tricky process to begin with. However, following this guide should leave you in a good position to maximise your casino experience.

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