When it comes to picking the right laptop you have to consider your needs. If it’s for your job, you need a reliable, reasonably priced machine that will work accordingly, likewise if you just use it for your online shopping and browsing the web.

However, if you are a gamer, there is a wide range of specifications you have to consider, from the power, the speed and the graphics to ensure that you get the best out of your gaming. Here we will look at some of the best laptops out there for avid gamers!

HP Pavilion Gaming 15


With prices starting at around £650 this is actually one of the cheapest options out there for gamers. With a dedicated NVidia graphics card this is a reasonable laptop for gamers, giving you the look you desire. However, the slow storage and Intel Core i5 processor means day-to-day performances can fall, but it is still a good buy.

Asus RoG G752

Asus ROG G752-HERO-970-80

When it comes to gaming, this monster is up there with the best. Despite the bulky appearance and steep price (£1,300) this is the perfect machine for gamers. Whether you are spinning the roulette wheel on Lucky Nugget Casino or playing League of Legends with friends, the game-play, graphics and sounds are unrivalled, creating a superb experience no matter what you play. Everything will run quickly and it promises to fulfil all of your gaming needs.

Origin EON15-X


This is another laptop that can do it all. It contains extra CPU power which means this machine is an extremely effective performer. Whichever type of game you are playing, it will give you the platform to enjoy the graphics, sounds and will certainly enhance your overall gaming experience. It has the power of a desktop but in the form of a laptop.

Gigabyte P35X v5


When it comes to the graphics, this is the one. This is the closest machine you will get to experiencing playing games with Ultra HD resolutions, which really makes it stand out for gamers. The speed of the machine also isn’t sacrificed with an intel core i7 processor that also gives a lot of memory. On top of that the battery life is surprisingly long given the resources it uses.

Origin EON17-SLX


Arguably the best performer out there, however that has compromised aspects of this model. Firstly, the negatives; for appearance and portability this machine suffers. It is a heavy and unsightly thing to carry around and the many features lead to poor battery life. However, that doesn’t stop this device being ideal for gamers. The intel core i7 processor and HD graphics card with NVidia GeForce make it unrivalled in terms of power and performance. Any game will benefit on this device, so if you can get past the appearance then this is the one for you.

Alienware 17


A smarter looking machine than some of the alternatives we mentioned. Once again, this device will provide gamers with high quality graphics, and focuses on a strong performance. That is evident with the fans that should prevent any gamers worst nightmare, overheating. Should be no problem for the Alienware laptop though, which will run smoothly on any type of game you play no matter how demanding, which combined with the graphics makes this so appealing to gamers.

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro


Another machine that has a sleek appearance as opposed to the more traditional bulky gaming devices. The Ghost Pro hasn’t compromised performance for the appearance either, with a Skylake processor and graphics card which makes this an extremely successful platform. It has all the performance qualities you would want for a hardcore gamer, with the only issues coming with the cost, priced at just under £1,500.

MSI GT80 Titan


As the Titan in the name might suggest, this is another huge machine. With its big 18.4in screen and NVidia 980 graphics card you can only imagine how well this performs with some of your favourite games. The quality of the performance is demonstrated with the built-in mechanical keyboard which makes gaming that bit easier. Again, this machine has it all, but there is a downside. To get your hands on this monster it will set you back over £3,000, but it could be a long term investment – and you may need to hire some weightlifters to get it up the stairs!

MSI GT72SG Tobii


This is certainly one of the more unique machines out there for gamers. Incredibly, you can control the game with your eyes, there is no need for a controller thanks to the latest technology that is available. Three red lights will project infrared lights that in turn sees where the player is looking. A very impressive feature. This combines with an excellent graphics card to make the games that little bit more realistic. However, if the eye-tracking technology doesn’t appeal to you then there are more powerful options out there.

Asus G501JW


This is another game that is perfect for those of you who are keen on top-end graphics. With a 4K-UHD screen it can provide a great realism and look to any game that you play. On top of that, this has a very impressive appearance. Its lightweight look makes it easy to travel with and it has a fast processor that keeps everything running nicely. There are more powerful options out there but this machine will provide some great gaming experiences.

Overall, there are many laptops that you can choose from to fulfil your needs, all offering something different that appeals to gamers. For hardcore gamers you will inevitably need a powerful model of which all of these would suffice. They cover the basics such as playing video poker at Lucky Nugget Casino or Clash of Clans with a friend, so it is then up to you to find what’s right for you. Each laptop has its own unique selling point and combining that with your gaming habits will allow you to find the right one.

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