Whether you’re big on horror movies, a fan of jump scare games, or just someone enjoys being scared – Lucky Nugget Casino has the perfect slot games for you.

We’ve searched high and wide for our two favourite spooky slot games. Well, here they are – prepare to be scared!

Honestly, they’re pretty creepy!

Winner: Twisted Circus — The Weirdest Circus Imaginable

Dark and a little messed up, Twisted Circus will genuinely entertain those with an interest in horror slots. Sure, this isn’t a cheap circus to enter, but with an opportunity to meet these freaks of nature, there won’t be any regrets!


243 Ways to spook you out!

The great thing about Twisted Circus is the fact it has no paylines. Instead, being a 243 ways to win slot, symbols acts as scatters. That means you don’t have to land five generic symbols on a single payline — resulting in easier wins!

The symbols in this game take the form of various circus acts — with a weird twist. You’ve got Siamese twins, ventriloquists, contortionists and a creepy musical monkey. Then there’s the strongman and the snake-charmer, who both have a glint of evil in their eyes. There’s also a bearded woman, who looks like she’s eating a piece of watermelon — which kind of ruins the effect. Other than that though, it’s all rather spooky.

Twisted Circus — The Bonus Features

If you’re looking for a bonus feature that’ll have you jumping out of your skin, Twisted Circus is perfect for you. Land the free spins scatter symbol and you’ll be rewarded with 13 free spins. Not only that though, land a wild symbol during this bonus and your wins will be multiplied 3 times over!

Basically, if you’re not a fan of Killer Klowns from Outta Space, don’t bother playing Twisted Circus!

Runner Up: Immortal Romance – Who isn’t scared of vampires?

Mysterious, creepy and somewhat disturbing – Immortal Romance is the perfect slot for all vampire fiction fans. Whether you’re into Dracula, Interview of a Vampire, or Twilight, this slot will definitely appeal to you!



Bloodthirsty vampires and 243 ways to win!

The gothic theme in Immortal Romance really sets the precedence, with gargoyles, spiralling marble features and a drab, dull colour scheme. It also contains pale, smiling vampires which whirl around the screen in search of your blood. It already seems they’ve found some though, as one symbol contains a suspicious glass of red wine – which we can only guess is blood!


Immortal Romance — The Bonus Features

There’s a good range of bonus features in Immortal Romance – all revolving around the four main characters; Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah. As you progress through the bonus, you unlock new characters. Each character comes with an enhanced bonus:

  • Amber: 10 free spins combined with a five times multiplier (1st to 5th trigger).
  • Troy: 15 free spins with a maximum multiplier of 6 times (6th to 10th trigger).
  • Michael: 20 free spins with rolling reels – connected symbols roll and change to other random symbols. 5 times multiplier available!
  • Sarah: 25 free spins and a wild vine feature. When the vine symbol lands on the 3rd reel numerous symbols will turn wild!

So, there you have it – our two favourite creepy slot games here at Lucky Nugget. The real question is, are you brave enough? Good luck… you’ll need it!





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