Have you ever looked at your own home and sighed? Sometimes it’d be nice to just up-sticks and buy a gorgeous villa near the beach!

Unfortunately, money can be a limiting factor, especially as some of the world’s most gorgeous homes cost a fair penny — much more than you can afford.  Anyway, let’s take a look at the gamblers who, quite frankly, have much nicer homes than you.

Daniel Negreanu

Look, it’s Daniel Negreanu’s house!  Much nicer than yours don’t you think? Well, you’d expect so after winning nearly $32 million USD — ranking number one on the all time money list — and dominating WSOP for nearly twenty years. When he’s not battling it out on the poker tables under the glare of the spotlight, Negreanu chills out in his Summerlin mansion in Nevada.

Negreanu’s mansion is the ultimate example of customisation, accommodating the wants and desires of poker’s most successful player. His pad includes a nine-foot pool table, a room devoted to retro video games, a six-hole golf course and his very own indoor course simulator.

Overall, pretty nifty!

David Oppenheim

Compared to Negreanu, David Oppenheim hasn’t won much. Compared to the regular poker player though, with $1 million+ in winnings, he’s pretty successful. And so, as you would expect, he’s bought himself a pad that’ll make most blokes envious. The high stakes pro has bags of style and as such has decked his pad in a minimalist fashion. This, we believe, is to draw attention to the pricey range of antiques, photographs and paintings hanging around his home.

His piece de resistance is a gigantic fountain which stands in the centre of his home. The tricking of water is said to create a peaceful ambience around his home, helping his family to relax as they feast their eyes on the amazing surroundings — pool-side, of course.

Barry Greenstein

With over $8 million in winnings, Barry Greenstein is one of poker’s true greats. As such, he’s got one of the largest homes in poker. If you ever get the opportunity to visit his Rancho Palos Verdes — California — you’ll be greeted by a grand staircase that’s bigger than your house. Then there’s the red carpeted corridors that zig-zag throughout, completed with velvet curtain frames which cover some of the most gorgeous views known to man.

Greenstein did most of the decorating himself, covering walls with replications of some of the world’s most iconic canvases. He’s got a gym and an indoor pool as well, complete with yet another waterfall!

So, there you go! Three people with much nicer digs than you. What’re you waiting for? Head on over to the casino and win yourself a better house — aren’t you sick of your 2 bedroom terrace anyway?

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