Teaching dogs to surf

Just because an honest day’s work is honest doesn’t mean it’s not weird. The professional dog food tasters, odour judges, and mourners of the world have little trouble proving this simple fact of life.

No doubt those who work in these and other strange jobs find them weirdly satisfying, if not financially rewarding. Sniffing feet and jumping into graves may not be our cup of tea, but if that is your job, we sure hope that you enjoy it. Strange jobs all over the world vary from country to country, from being a whale listener in Ireland, to being a professional online Blackjack gambler – whatever tickles your fancy!

Nose Knows Best

Before deodorants, body washes, soaps, and other personal hygiene products hit the shelves in the shops, they are put through a rigorous testing process that involves professional odour judges. Rather than merely rating the scent of the product concerned, their job usually involves smelling participants in the trial after they have used it.

Of course, this requires sniffing other people’s breath, armpits, and feet, but the job is not entirely thankless. One dedicated judge sniffed her way into the Guinness Book of Records for a career that spanned 15 years and roughly 5600 feet.

Would You Like Ice With That?

In 1912, the unthinkable happened. Mankind designed, built, and launched an unsinkable ship – the Titanic. Only weeks later, something else unthinkable happened. It struck an iceberg and sank.

The great disaster resulted in several changes made to maritime operations, but perhaps one of the least-known of those was the creation of a new, weird job – that of professional iceberg mover. Operated by the US Coast Guard, the International Ice Patrol tracks icebergs, offers alternative routes for shipping, recreational, and other vessels, and even tows some of those pesky chunks of ice away from shipping routes.

Cry Me a River

Once a must-have at ancient Egyptian funerals, professional mourners are being seen more frequently at funeral ceremonies in the United Kingdom. One such company even runs seasonal specials.

A modest fee will get you normal crying, but for a little extra, you can send off your loved one with some flamboyant Bahamian hollering. If something more dramatic is called for, you have a choice between crying and rolling around on the ground, or crying along with threats of jumping into the grave. There’s even the option of a crying mourner who will actually jump into the grave.

Cry Me a River
Source: Pixabay

Surfing For the 4-Legged

When packing for an exotic beach holiday, most people hope they remember to pack in the sunscreen, not the family dog.

However, for those rich weirdos who insist on dragging their mutts around the world with them, some folk doing the equally weird job of teaching dogs to surf are at hand to ensure Benji doesn’t get too bored on the beach. Yes, for a fee, dog surfing instructors at some seaside resorts will teach your pooch to ride the waves.

There’s a Good Boy

Most of us know that companies that produce food products for human consumption employ tasters as a way of ensuring quality control. Most of us probably didn’t know dog food companies do the same – and they’re not hiring dogs.

Human dog food tasters not only determine whether your dog will enjoy a lip-smacking good dinner, they also check the products’ nutritional value. Most tasters spit out the food after tasting it. Most, not all.

Positions such as these are not for everyone. However, they go to show that, with a little creative thinking and a great deal of gumption, you can find a niche in the market that will pay the bills!

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