Ever wondered if the rest of the universe gambles? Would Chewbacca and Hans Solo prefer roulette or blackjack? Well, here at luckynuggetcasino.com, we’ve been pretty interested about intergalactic gambling for a while now.

In a desperate search for more information we’ve strapped an unwilling member of the Lucky Nugget news team to a rocket and fired them off into space. Fortunately, they returned, and after a bit of defrosting we pooled their ideas together and conjured up an article about their favourite games from across the galaxy.

Sci-Fi Game 1: Pazaak (Something like blackjack)

We agree, it sounds pretty confusing. Pazaak, from the Star Wars franchise, is some form of demented blackjack (not like our normal blackjack) where the aim is to get to 20 without busting. You increase and decrease your score with special cards that you choose from the house deck at the start of the game. Every round you are dealt a new card between the values of 1 to 10. If you go over 20 you can bring it back down with minus cards. If your opponent gets 20 before you, it’s possible to tie a game by using your special deck to bring your score up to 20. It’s a really cool game, just a little bit more confusing than blackjack.

Sci-Fi Game 2: Space Boxing

Set in the dreadful resurgence of B-list sci-fi movies, Arena tells the story of an intergalactic boxing ring where gangs of aliens come to strike bets. It’s pretty much Madison Square Garden but in space, with various aliens of every shape and size coming together to fight to the death. Steve Armstrong, played by the extremely famous Paul Satterfield, who you probably don’t know from 90210, ends up discovering his talent in battering aliens after a bit of rough and tumble with an alien chef. In what starts off as a glorious life of fame and fortune quickly turns into a fight for his life in this turbulent masterpiece of highs and… well, actually, just low blows.

Sci-Fi Game 3: Casino Ships

In a not too distant future we predict Richard Branson will introduce the first ‘Virgin Spaceino’ (yeah, ‘spaceino’ was our idea). Until then, we’re going to have to settle with Star Trek’s quirky outlook on gambling. I mean, come on, Data playing craps, there’s nothing worse. It would be like coming home to find your wife playing twister with the cat – just awkward. In episode ‘The Royale’, they gang are stuck on a casino ship and have to buy their way out. The games are rigged but Data, through unknown skill, manages to fix the loaded dice. Our table games are never like that though – we won’t lock you away on a ‘spaceino’ ship!

Sci-Fi Game 4: Time Poker

Set in the future (obviously), where time is money – literally. The story takes place in a dystopian world where people stop ageing after 25 and instead have to earn more time to live, eat and survive (money is literally the currency). In Time stars Justin Timberlake as the skint Will Salas who is gifted over a hundred year’s worth of time. He ends up running off to a much nicer part of town and decides to knock about with the high rollers in the time casino (or ‘timesino’, again, our idea), where the rich and famous play roulette, blackjack and various other table games. Salas ends up risking most of his time in an intense game of poker. We don’t want to ruin it for you… but he wins. Unfortunately, after this intense scene, it turns into some socialist propaganda piece about sharing the wealth and inequality and guff like that.  If it wasn’t for the blatantly overt political message being forced down our throats, we would consider recommending it. Honestly, it’s almost as if Karl Marx directed it. You’ll be supporting the Communist party by the end of it.

Sci-Fi Game 5: Honestly, it’s impossible to comprehend

Yet another time themed movie, Time Master features a world taken over by aliens who bet on humans who fight it out for some blue elixir AKA ‘the substance of life.’ Using some dodgy console straight from Nintendo hell they fight to the death by controlling other humans. It’s a bit like Mortal Kombat, but worse. Much worse. Never in our time of watching shockingly bad movies have we seen something as dreadful as this.

So, there you have it, some of the best sci-fi games from around the galaxy. Do you like our gambling themed movies? Do you know any more? Let us know in the comments section below and who knows, maybe we’ll strap you to a rocket on our next space expedition (we probably won’t).

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