There is something for everyone when it comes to modern architecture. Even if your personal tastes veer towards the direct opposite on the spectrum of design and you prefer rustic country, there are still elements in modern design that will please you. Check out the buildings outlined in this article to test this fact.

Modern architecture’s fundamentals are simple and clean. It has an always-present philosophy that obeys the rule of form following function, and this sees modern architects expressing themselves simply and clearly. Unobstructed views of structural elements emerge thanks to unnecessary design details being avoided.

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Highlights of Modern Architecture, and find out some interesting facts about these extraordinary buildings.

  1. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Source: Memphis Tours

The Burj Khalifa is not just the tallest building in the world. It holds a number of other records as well. It stands at 828 m, or 2716.5 ft, and soars over Dubai. It’s also the tallest freestanding structure on earth, has the most stories, includes the highest occupied floor in the world, boasts the highest observation deck globally, has the elevator with the longest travelling-distance on earth, and also holds the record for the tallest service elevator on the planet. Open to tourists, it is the No. 1 choice for visitors.

  1. The Shard, London, England

The Shard
Source: Pixabay

The Shard dominates the skyline of London, and is additionally 1 of the most instantly recognised buildings in the world. It opened on the 1st of February 2013, and quickly became a popular tourist attraction for the city, thanks to the highest viewpoint on it offering an unparalleled, panoramic view of London at The View from The Shard. It is 306 m tall, or 1003.94 ft, and stands as the highest building in Western Europe. The viewing platform ascends right up to 244 m, 800.52 ft, and makes it possible to look out over London for up to 64.37 km, 40 miles. Popular with tourists, it is recommended that visitors arrive between 10am and 12pm.

  1. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Manta Resort
Source: The Manta Resort

When visiting Pemba Island, it is highly recommended that tourists book at least 1 night in the Underwater Room at the Manta Resort. It is a unique experience that permits visitors to fall asleep in the middle of the ocean. A lounging space on the roof allows for tanning in the daytime and gazing at the stars at night, and the sea level landing deck boasts an additional lounge area alongside bathroom facilities. The Underwater Room is inside a bubble of turquoise blue, which allows guests to see shoals of reef fish swimming outside their windows.

  1. Marina Sands, Singapore

Marina Sands
Source: Pixabay

Singapore’s Marina Sands was designed by Moshe Safdie, who claimed to have been inspired by decks of cards. The design’s most prominent feature is the 3 hotel towers, which combined offer tourists a total of 2 500 rooms and suites along with an uninterrupted lobby at the base, which links the 3 towers. Casino facilities are provided within a 4-storey central atrium, and 4 levels of entertainment and gaming are provided in 1 space. If you love gambling, this is the place for you, and before you go, it’s a great idea to brush up on your skills by playing online Roulette; that way, you’re ready to hit the tables as soon as you arrive.

Along with the hotel and casino, other buildings on site include an ArtScience Museum which measures 19 000 m2, 200 000 sq ft, and a 110 000 m2, 1,200 000 sq ft, convention centre which can accommodate as many as 45 000 people. The resort’s building design and major shape-changes along the way were approved by feng shui consultants.

  1. Taipei 101, Taiwan

Taipei 101
Source: Pixabay

Taipei 101 is 508 m, 1667 ft, tall, and was the first building in the world to break the half-kilometre mark. It stood as the tallest structure from 2004, until it was replaced by the Burj Khalifa in 2009. There are a series of observation decks for tourists to enjoy on the building’s upper floors, and these are set at the 88th, 89th, and 91st levels. The 88th level is primarily there to allow visitors to view the tuned mass damper close-up, as it is hung between the 87th and 88th levels. Level 89 is an enclosed observation deck which offers 360° views of Taipei from a height of 382 m, or 1253.28 ft.

Like sculpture and paintings, these buildings prove that buildings can become a work of art. Did you add any of these to your bucket-list?

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