Attracting a mate

You’ve probably had the feeling of meeting someone and having an instant attraction. What it is about that person you can’t exactly put your finger on, but the attraction is there regardless. It’s that they’re good looking of course, right? Yes, this is partly the reason. But looks alone won’t account for a deeper connection.

Take a look at the 10 surprising things that make other people attracted to us (and us to others too!).


It sounds almost ridiculously primal, but it turns out that scent plays a bigger part in attraction than many would assume. A study had found that, without question, women who smell a certain way will attract more men. The key is high oestrogen levels accompanied by low progesterone levels, a balance that is the result of high fertility.

What You Eat

Another study revealed that those who eat healthy food tend to smell healthy. Refined diets seemed to result in more attraction to the opposite sex, which perhaps links into the previous point about scent. In other word; you are what you eat is a cliché for a reason.

Fertility Levels

Rules of attraction

Once again linking into the first point, a study revealed that women with high fertility levels were almost always rated as more attractive, based entirely on their voices and their faces. Smell was not a factor in this study, suggesting that high fertility is more than just a scent.

Hormone Balance

There are numerous studies linking hormone levels to attraction. None is conclusive, but there seems to be a strong link between men with high testosterone levels, for example, and attraction to traditionally feminine features.

Positive Character Traits

Movie leads aren’t given positive character traits for no reason. One study found that presenting photos along with a list of character traits resulted in, almost always, those with positive traits being rated as more attractive. In other words, being a good person goes a long way, for the most part.

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Voice Tone

Men with lower voices are almost always rated as more attractive than those with higher voices. This is due, research has suggested, to natural links between lower tones and stronger biological entities.


It’s a common cliché that those who are very similar will be attracted to one another. But it just so happens that, more often than not, this is true. Many are instantly attracted to recognisable features in others, both in terms of character, and physicality. Research has shown that likewise, some are attracted to familiar features witnessed in parents, for the same reasons.

Opposites Attract

Attracting a mate
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On the other hand, it has also been shown that some are attracted to the exact opposite characteristics of their own. This depends largely on the mental state of the subject in question, with a common occurrence being that those who have lived sheltered lives are drawn to seemingly unusual characteristics, or at least those not often encountered.

Emotional Maturity

This is one that will vary widely, or tends to depend on the age of the subject. As the years roll on, attraction tends to change drastically, but often in similar ways. Those who are older tend to be drawn to emotional maturity, or a sense of security and balance. Which is to say; initial sexual attraction gradually tends to take a back seat to a head tightly screwed into place. This does tend to be subjective, however, depending on whom you’re asking.

General Health

Last on the list, but perhaps the most obvious, is general health and presentation. There is virtually no one who is attracted to a general sense of low health, or poor hygiene. Which is to say; being filthy and unwashed is not seen as a positive way to attract a mate in any culture in the world, and is perhaps the biggest negative trait to have if wanting to get hitched. Being presentable is not only an indication of pride, and a conscious effort to look good, but also a good sign that the individual has their life in order, and priorities straight.

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