We all have someone in our life who adores the roulette wheel. If that person is a friend or family member, then we’ve assembled some great Christmas gift ideas to make presents that little bit easier. And if that person who loves roulette is you, then you’ve got some great ideas to put on your Christmas list! Lucky Nugget have gathered up the best casino-themed presents in our latest blog series.

Instalment number one is all about roulette. Black or red, odd or even, or high or low: no matter what their bet is, one of these gifts is bound to make the roulette fiend in your life smile.

Roulette cufflinks


Everyone needs a smart pair of cufflinks for a formal dress shirt. Why spend money on something boring though, when you could have miniature roulette wheels on your wrists? There’s a definite joy in having novelty cufflinks, but it’s even better when they do something interesting.

These antique cufflinks actually spin, making them a fantastic gift. They’re also a one-off, vintage items from the 1950s and are sure to add a touch of class to any outfit.

Lucky clothing


If your seasoned roulette player friend doesn’t have a lucky item of clothing, why not give them one? There’s all kinds of options for this gift, from silly lucky underpants through to something more sophisticated like ties or necklaces.

For something cute and a little bit subtle, we’re fans of the Japanese maneki-neko, or lucky cat. It’s cute, but also promises to bring you money and good fortune. Get a t-shirt covered in lucky cats to wear to a casual dress-code casino, and you might see the roulette wheel start to spin in your favour.

Chocolate roulette wheels


Roulette and chocolate have always gone hand in hand. From games where you play Russian roulette with chili to chocolate moulded shapes, there’s something fun about having an edible version of your favourite hobby.

One cool take on this is the luxury Swiss chocolate roulette wheel that makes perfect girolle curls. Spin the arm to make luxurious chocolate rolls, made of the finest Belgian chocolate and silky smooth hazelnut gianduja.

If you want to give someone a present they won’t forget, then these roulette-them gifts are perfect! Make sure the gambler in your life knows they’re appreciated, or even just buy a sneaky gift for yourself. After all, it is Christmas.

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