Poker is a great game to play and thanks to Lucky Nugget Casino you can enjoy the tables from anywhere. On the bus, on your way to work or just bored at home. Simply load up your device and you have access to many great games including video poker.

However, whilst you may be a fan of the game, you might only manage to play for an hour or two at a time. Well, for some that’s not enough and here we run down some of the biggest marathon poker sessions that have ever taken place.

Phil Laak breaks the longest poker session record!

Phil Laak
Phil Laak holds the record for the longest poker session, playing for 115 hours!

We’ll start with the current world record, which belongs to American Phil Laak who managed to play for an unbelievable 115 hours straight back in 2010. That’s nearly five days! Laak had only set himself the target of reaching 80 hours, which would have broken the record, but with the support and help of others around him he emphatically beat it.

What’s more, he did it in style, playing at the Bellagio in Vegas and was watched online by 117,000 people. After the mammoth session, where he played $10 and $20 cash games, he was up by almost $7,000 and donated it all to charity.

Paul Zimbler plays for 78 hours and 20 minutes

The record before Laak belonged to Paul Zimbler, who in 2009, continuously played poker for an astonishing 78 hours and 20 minutes. Despite being a poker pro, the task was motivated by his desire to collect money for charity and in the end $35,000 was raised.

During the session, Zimbler played 183 games and he managed to come out on top in 102 of them. Some of those were against professional players who had turned up to help him along the way.

Another poker pro broke the record

poker table
Dave Cain revealed the struggles he had during his 74 hours and 12 minute sessions at the table

Prior to that, Dave Cain held the record, playing for 74 hours and 12 minutes at the Library Bar in Lincolnshire, England. During the crazy session, Cain revealed that he would hallucinate and would be watched by nurses, stewards and witnesses throughout to prove his attempt was a new record.

Again, Cain gave money to charity after his attempt but also stated that it was a chance to give something back to the game he loved.

Larry Olmsted plays for just over three days

Back in 2004, the Guinness World Record belonged to Larry Olmsted who played for 72 hours and two minutes. He achieved the feat at the Foxwood casino.

However, what was unusual about Olmsted’s record was that he was a travelling writer, not involved in poker like the other marathon men. It appears that he set himself the target of three days and managed to hold the record officially for five years.

So, there you have it, some of the longest poker sessions around. And, remember, head over to Lucky Nugget Casino for your poker fix, although we don’t expect you to play for as long as these guys did!

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